What is it? 
This spot suddenly appeared
A dropped bite?
A spilled drink?
Collateral damage from somewhere else?
Consumed by the stain
We work to fix it
We just washed these pants!
Spit on a napkin
Water on a rag
Stain sticks and scrubbers
The fight goes on
The sunsets just beyond the water
A cool breeze brings relief
To end the hot summer day
Friends laugh nearby

Peace is within reach
But We’re obsessed with the stain
Focused on a failure
Zeroed in on our sin
What joy we deny ourselves
What peace we miss
When we are consumed
With the inevitable spot
Marring our hope of perfection

Hear the good news:
Grace will handle the stain
Jesus cleanses the sin
His motivation is life abundant
Sunsets and laughter
He is our perfection
Our joy
And our peace

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