Broken shards of expectations
Cover the floor at my feet
Sadness sets in
What can one do with shattered possibilities?

As I stood, head hung low
Staring at the mess
The Lord looked over my shoulder and pointed

“That one?
Not even yours
You never wanted it
It was given by others
Others who love you
But it is their’s not yours
And that piece in the corner?
You held that one close, held it tight
It is a hope, not a goal, not a path to take
It’s just one you saw in the hands of others
And thought you should have
But over there, on the shelf, is the one I have
One I chose for you, it fits you
It brings out your best you
Take hold of it and it 
Will take hold of you”

And so 
I will sweep away 
The pieces of expectations
Never meant for me to hold

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