You give us strength to match all challenges
and peace beyond our grasp.
You never let us wander off too far
as you nudge us back on track.
Your gentle hand has led 
to some breaks within your heart
but your grace so delicate never fails
and your love is as true as the air we breathe.
And so today we gather in places large and small.
We confess our sins and raise our hands 
to you, Lord God Almighty.
We join our hearts 
and sing from the depths of our souls.
We rejoice in this, the BEST day of the week
when we remember that our rebellion is your focus
and our sin has your full attention.
You do not thunder down your anger
but instead pour out your grace.
You long to renew our holiness
and make straight the path before us.
All we can find to say is, “AMEN. May it be so.”

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