O Lord how right you are
the battle within is much greater
than any conflict I have with others.
There is no way to walk away from me
nor, it seems, can I negotiate a truce.
Spiritual warfare is what it’s been called
and a fitting label it is.
I swing fiercely at this enemy
who seems undaunted by my attacks.
Lord, can I say again you seem to be right?
I need help to overcome this foe.
I need strength not my own.
Frankly, I’m worn out from trying,
and I’m certain you know I tried my best.
But, you explained it long ago
that this is not a battle for a sinner such as me.
This fight requires the power of righteousness,
and perfect holiness,
and light that can push back the darkness.
This war requires You, O God.
The victory over this struggle comes 
by the power of your Spirit within me,
a power never imposed against my will
but always waiting to be invited.
Help me today to call on you, Most Holy God.
Help me to call to you when the conflict arises
and not just when I feel I can’t do any more.
I look forward to the moments of praise
where you are given all the glory
for the good you will do in me and for me today.

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