Courage for some
seems to be pulled
from the air
molded and shaped 
in the heart
built from nothing 
into a grand edifice
of boldness
and invincibility
The brave seem
super-human to some
as if all it took
to be as such
was the ignition
of some internal fuel
Those who are afraid
wonder how it is
How is it the fearless
are so unafraid
and why can I 
not be them?
But courage is not
born into a woman
nor manufactured 
by any man
it is a gift
of God
Some found it
on the roadside
the glint of the sun
off the face of it
drew them in
they took hold of it
and now they have it
Others must seek it out
must ask the Giver
of such gifts
to bequeath to them
this great prize
And in asking we receive
in seeking we find
“Take courage” says the Giver
“Take and eat”

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