Grace and hope
For an untethered world
Lord Jesus
I know that’s your plan
And I’m sure 
you are calling
on me to engage
so through me
others might understand
But what you are asking
I’m struggling to see
and even more so
to truly believe
that through one
such as me
you might dare to work
to bring peace
and a soul-deep relief
I’m not smart enough
or even so brave
to step out
and live such a call
but I trust you
O God
to do what you do
and I’ll go
even if I might fall
For I now believe
that my failure
may be
the seed of success
for your plan
I know all too well
that what seems
like the end
is really
something quite grand
Give me courage
O God
to answer the call
so by me
your love is reflected
May the life
that I live
bring your hope to a world
longing to be

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