So often
It’s not that I can’t
But I won’t
I’ve decided
To go my own way
Peace, hope, and joy
Are waiting
And yet 
I choose
To go far astray
What craziness
Is my own nature
Why do I seek
My demise?
The Lord offers
His Word God revealed
Yet somehow
I am more wise!
It seems
The choosing is mine
The direction I go
Is my say
I can travel a path
That leads where I want
Or Jesus I’ll follow
This day
One path sates
My desire
For pleasure
That quickly will fade
But God’s way
Offers contentment
That will follow me
All of my days
So today
If you see me
Please ask me
Which path are you on?
The one
You think is the best one
Or the one
Set forth
By God’s Son?

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