Faith is to believe
In what I cannot see
Foolishness is to seek
What surely could not be
Faith can look like foolishness
And fools can live by faith
So Lord I need your wisdom
To know which road to take
Do I step out in the darkness
Trusting you to make a way
Or do I wait for you to show 
The path in light of day
Or maybe it’s not seeking
A certain forethought goal
Maybe faith is trusting
You’ll be there through it all
It’s not the path that measures faith
It’s the Companion that we choose
It’s not the road that matters
It’s the heart that seeks the Truth
Your cross, O Lord, was foolishness
The path you trod was rough
None could see how God would use
Your death to show His love
Please give me faith to follow
To be foolish when I must
Embolden me within my heart
And each step to you entrust

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