The eve of the Eve
A scurrying lot
Throw goods in a basket
And cars in the lot
Mayhem ensues
As they strive now to find
The perfect right gift
That shows them most kind
Time spent in prep
For a moment of glee
Would it not be much better
If the truth we could see
The eve of the Eve
Could be added time
To spend with the ones
You miss while in line
You could recount the story
Of the baby who came
To give life to all
And make craziness sane
Jesus with Mary
As Joseph stands guard
That’s the real image
Of the Christmas reward 
A Savior has come
To bring peace not a spree
So put down the gift card
And let Christmas just be
Soak up the truth
On the eve of the Eve
And the true joy of Christmas
You’re sure to receive

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