What lies beyond our thinking?
What world do we ignore?
What if we went beyond ourselves
To a place outside our door?
Beyond the walls we build up?
And the life deceptive lived?
What if we sought to be with
The neighbors we keep hid?
The life we make isn’t evil
But we foolish say it’s good
And what we fight and claw for
Is not what Jesus would
It’s a facade of richest blessing
The world’s unlasting gain
It’s not that we’re unholy
But we seek to curb the pain
The pain of loving neighbors
The pain of sacrifice
The pain of giving up what’s good
So that others might find life
The enemy is winning
Saying “Just don’t make God mad”
We’re persuaded to shun holiness
Replaced with goals of not-too-bad
Rise up O Church with courage
Go beyond the world’s success
The holy life is calling
A life beyond the very best

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