Any Road

If any road can get there
I’ll take this one
If I can choose my own future
I’ll lay claim to His
I’m no self-made man
That was disaster
Self made mess
Is the best I ever did
So when I found this way
I grabbed full hold
To follow one with power
And passion
Yet empathetic and loving
I’ll choose that road
Every time
I’ve just come to realize
I don’t need self-help
I need soul help
I don’t need coaching
I need forgiveness
I don’t need grand schemes
I need grace 
Choose your road
But if it’s not His road
The scenery won’t compare
If it’s not His Way
The company won’t either
Following Jesus
That’s the path I choose
Buen Camino

Right Road

I’m on the right road
And I’m never looking back
Though I wander
And I find myself off track
Still I know this path I see
Will make me all I hope to be
I’m on the right road
Fully forward fully free

It’s the way of many pilgrims
Seeking peace and purpose true
It’s no easy road to walk
And it’s chosen by so few
Yet the moments in each day
Bring a joy words can’t convey
I’m on the right road
And it’s here I plan to stay


There is hope beyond the shadow
The sun shines bright
Behind the clouds
There is love and joy and peace
That yet prevails
Fear not the evil doers
Nor the thief that comes at night
For the Lord of Light
The shadow full assails

Cana Commencement

The time was coming
And he knew it then begins
This work to save the world
And overcome its sin
Called away from the ruckus
His mother urged him now to start
The wine is gone
You can help
And do your part
So he spoke to the servants
As his new friends watched in awe
Fill the jugs
Draw it out
And party on
There in Cana all was well
And the guests could never tell
The wine they drank
No local store could ever sell
Yet it wasn’t the beginning
Of an alchemistic show
Not the start
Of a winery’s debut
It was the first
Of all the last
Tied the future
To the past
An act for friends
Who then know the hidden truth
This strange display of the Savior
This seeming inane trick to see
Was done to show his friends
That he was really He

Speak Again

Speak again
Your quiet promise
Of a day that’s still to come
Speak again
To hearts divided
Of the truth of battles won
Lord raise your voice
Above the clamor
Let the hope
Of love ring loud
For this world
So lost and broken
Needs to know
Where life is found
Lord speak again
And speak it true
We’re desperately 
In need of you
In need of you

The Cost

Are you willing to pay the price
he said
as I followed close behind
There’s life to be had
but a cost incurred
if more’s what you wish 
to find
It’s not a payment you make
or a debt taken on
it’s a willingness
to let some things go
You’re invited to come
but you won’t know
the joy
if lesser dreams
you cannot forgo
Then he smiled
a knowing smile
and said the cost
is well within reach
So follow my lead
to the depth of God’s heart
and you’ll find
the life that you seek

The Journey

I face mountains all day long
The climbing wearies
There are demons and devils
There to slay
But my legs have the muscle
And the sword is in my hand
As the Spirit within me
Makes a way

I’m an ordinary man
Who found a life to rightly live
I’m a sinner
Who knows the gift of grace
I walk the hard narrow path
Confronting troubles as I go
But travel on
As Christ Jesus sets the pace

Such is life 
For those who would seek it
Domination of dread
Is common fare
There is power not our own
For the battles to be won
As we make our way
To hope from deep despair 


Be the bright spot
In the darkness
Be the love
They rarely see
Be the one
Who sees their struggle
Be a help
To those in need
Be for others
What you hope for
Be for friends
A place to lean
Be for strangers
A warm smile
Be for two
The way unseen
Be unchained
From selfish motives
Be set free
From guilt and shame
Be what’s needed
For your neighbor
Be forever 
Not the same

Overflow Us

All alone
Lost and wandering
Struggles real along the way
Lord we need you
Every moment
Bring your peace
And save our day 

Overflow us
With your mercy
Keep us safe within your arms
Lord you know
Our bent toward sinning
Fill our souls
And flood our hearts
Lord you know
Our rebel spirit
Keep us from deceptive charms

May we join
The faithful travelers
Wandering ever in your grace
In your love 
We’ll find our true hope
As together life we face

Fear and Trembling

The holy fear
And humble trembling
Arise again
For you have called me
From the darkness
From the depths
Of guilt and sin

Called me out 
Into the waters
Of my neighbors’ shattered lives
Called me out
To bring the light and love
That caused my own soul
To revive

Who am I
That you should choose me?
Who am I 
To be your voice?
I tremble at the calling
And I’m humbled by your choice

I pray now for the courage
To fully give myself to you 
I pray 
With fear and trembling
Make me bold
And strong
And true