Hope of All

No more to wander
Weak and weary
Lost in a world
That’s dark and dreary
Light has come
In a manger born
The hope of all
On Christmas morn
A child to lead us
A Messiah to save
To make us whole
And make us brave
Lord Jesus Christ
The joy of heaven
The light of the world
To us is given
Draw near to the manger
The babe you’ll see
And by faith you’ll find
Your soul set free

That Simple Stable

Did the hay smell sweet
Beneath your head
Did the lambs
Come near to see
Did you know deep down
That you had come
All people
To set free
There in a humble stable
You came
Just as we had
To set our hearts
In a place of peace
In a world
Gone bat shit mad

And it’s me
As well
That insane lives
And does what I want do
Then I wander lost
In my doubts and fear
Living in
Such need of you
Draw me near again
Lord Jesus
A humble infant born
Who knows the life
I tend to live
And much forlorn
Let me full embrace
The greatest love
That filled that night
With awe
As there 
In a simple stable
Heaven’s king
Slept in the straw


Hope is lost
On those who balk
At the sound of angel’s wings
Love eludes
The self absorbed
Who cannot hear them sing
Peace comes not
To those who look
But never see the heaven’s throng
Joy escapes
The hardened heart
That will not join their song

Angels move among us
Bringing good news for us all
Messengers of grace they are
For those who hear their call
So join the mighty chorus
Lift your voice in joyous praise
The heavenly hosts are singing still
In Christ the Lord come better days

Take Heart

There will be days
when your camp’s surrounded
The enemy’s 
at every turn
There will be times
when your heart is pounding
as the fires of hate
around you burn
But have no fear
for there are angels 
The force of love
will overcome
Take heart my friend
and trust God’s goodness
You’ll stand up strong
when the fight is done
No more to fear
the slings and arrows
No more to hide
from evil’s face
For you have strength
beyond your seeing
The victory
is yours in grace

There is a Place

There is a place
You’re meant to be
Where peace is the air
And goodness the food
There is a place
You’re meant to reside
Where love is the light
And joy is your strength
There is a place
You’re meant to inhabit
Where kindness is the first responder
And generosity the rule of law
There is a place
Prepared for you
From the beginning of time
Deep in the heart of God
Feel free
To move in
Any time

Forging Fire

Do not fear
The demons nor the darkness
Though they come
They hold no power over you
Hold fast to your deliverer
Stay close to grace and love
For the light will dawn
And life will be renewed
Let the moment of your hardship
Be a forging fire in your soul
Know that God is adding strength
You’ve never known
And when daylight breaks anew
And you find sure solid ground
You’ll discover in the dark
Your faith has grown

The Answer

If within you lies a struggle
And a healing is your need
Come to Jesus
For in him you can believe

If you seek a life of meaning
In a world adrift at sea
Come to Jesus
And a calling you’ll receive

He is Lord of all you survey
And of all you cannot see
He’s the answer
And the hope that will not leave

So come and gather ’round his table
Come to worship with the free
Come to Jesus
And your burden he’ll relieve

Cana Commencement

The time was coming
And he knew it then begins
This work to save the world
And overcome its sin
Called away from the ruckus
His mother urged him now to start
The wine is gone
You can help
And do your part
So he spoke to the servants
As his new friends watched in awe
Fill the jugs
Draw it out
And party on
There in Cana all was well
And the guests could never tell
The wine they drank
No local store could ever sell
Yet it wasn’t the beginning
Of an alchemistic show
Not the start
Of a winery’s debut
It was the first
Of all the last
Tied the future
To the past
An act for friends
Who then know the hidden truth
This strange display of the Savior
This seeming inane trick to see
Was done to show his friends
That he was really He

Winds and Wind

I have wandered far away at times
Chasing the random winds
But you came along and called me back
From my shame and guilt and sin
I’m simply thankful and humbled
That you’ve never resigned my fate
It’s beyond my comprehension
To know I stand at heaven’s gate
No more to follow a seasonal breeze
A rushing wind now fills my soul
I’m thankful, Jesus, for the life you give
And your Spirit’s breath that makes me whole

The Cure

Carried by unseen currents we sail
To the sea of life’s bitter end
Tainted waters offer but illness
No mantra or potions defend
The cure of the plague is unworldly
The answer must come from beyond
A transfer of life whole and healthy
Given freely to those who respond
No longer to live by our thinking
But to let holy influence guide
The love that heals and transforms us
It’s now living water we ride