My Ask

It’s not your grace
That I don’t trust
It’s me that makes me pause
It’s not your presence
That I doubt
But my heart and all its flaws
Could it be
That I might be
A different man today
Than the man I saw 
Just last night
One worried and afraid
I guess I could
If I believe
The words I often speak
That you are strong
And able yet
When I am frail and weak
My ask O God
Is to be filled
With hope that sets me free
To be the man
You know I am
The man I long to be

Hopeful Be

Spread your hands

Over storms

And still the ocean

Take your stand

As the winds

Churn up the seas

Lord bring the calm

Pour out peace

Be the power

That we need

To ride the night

To hold on tight

And hopeful be

Hear our prayer

We cry out O God
Hear our prayer
We cry out O God
Please be here
We cry out O God
Hearts undone
We cry out O God
Bring the sun

Our tears seem never-ending 
And our spirits sink so low
Lord the light we long to live in
Now is barely but a glow
Please hear our prayer
Our burdened sigh
And speak a word
That lifts us high

Lord we cry out
Please hear our prayer
We cry out
In deep despair
Lord hear us now
Lord hear us now
This is our prayer

Let Me See

Oh let me see

The you that lives

Deep inside of me

Make me less

And you be more

For then I’m truly free

The more of you

Lord Jesus

That overtakes my soul

Will give the world

A better me

So let this be my goal

Take what must be taken

Convict me in my sin

But leave me not

Where I am

A light just barely dim

Rally Cry

Justice without righteousness
Prosperity over grace
Freedom far too messy
Far too caustic for my taste
Many will rejoice tonight
And rightful toast the day
For freedom is our hallmark
Even as the bindings fray
I pray we’ll find a future
That allows for hope and peace
Guide us on O Great Jehovah
May our angst and strain decrease
Give us love for those who differ
Give us willing ears to hear
Let us not succumb to madness
Let us not live out our fears
For those who follow Jesus
Let us die this day to we
Let us fully give the life we have
So others might be free

Ever Hopeful

Make me ever hopeful
Drive despair from deep within
Let my heart be held rock steady
As a new day now begins
You are more than I seek after
You have more than I can see
Let me find my life now given
To your future yet to be

Overflow Us

All alone
Lost and wandering
Struggles real along the way
Lord we need you
Every moment
Bring your peace
And save our day 

Overflow us
With your mercy
Keep us safe within your arms
Lord you know
Our bent toward sinning
Fill our souls
And flood our hearts
Lord you know
Our rebel spirit
Keep us from deceptive charms

May we join
The faithful travelers
Wandering ever in your grace
In your love 
We’ll find our true hope
As together life we face

In Me Begin

You offer help
In times of trouble
Yet I offer little
In return
Your love 
Is never-ending
Yet my heart
So rarely turns
O Lord my God
I beg to differ
To be more
Than what I’ve been
Set my eyes
On you alone
Let a greater life
In me begin
Through me I hope
Will shine your glory
Through me your love
Will be made known
Guide my steps
And fill my spirit
Make my heart
Your very own

Let Nothing Be Wasted

The moments of my day often slip by
Too many times I live unaware
The beauty of this life is lost to me too much
Simply ’cause I pass and wander without care
Lord let nothing now be wasted
Let no encounter be denied
Lift my eyes to see another
Let me fail this day to hide
Give me eyes to see the hurting
Let me be surprised by grace
Take my heart and make it tender
Take away protective space
Far too often life has slipped by
Far too often I am lost
Stuck within myself I fail to see
And my soul has paid the cost
Let nothing now be wasted
My heart is yearning to be free
Pull me from my place of hiding
Every moment let me see


In all the best ways
You wreck my soul
You shatter my ego
And trash my pride 
Then in those moments
In my humiliation
Comes new life
Boldly bursting forth
And I am remade 
Renewed in hope
Reborn in joy
Come Lord Jesus
Decimate me once again