They wish me ill
Seek my demise
And fight against me
They throw their spears
Spew their words
And plot my death
Yet you love them
And you hope 
For their repentance
Ever holding out the hope
They’ll find your rest

You deliver me
And thwart their evil doings
You rescue me
And you let them feel your wrath
But is it me who you save
Or them you see enslaved
For my enemies
Your love remains steadfast

I understand
And I know your way is right
My greater wish
Is an end to painful fights
Since for others I may be
The hated enemy
May I know that love
And never leave your sight

Halfway Place

I live halfway
Between anguish and joy
Both by choices I make
And truth I avoid 
Pains of the past
And hope for tomorrow
Evoke peace uncompared
And deeply felt sorrow
Others around me
Are near and yet not
I’m held in suspension
In limbo I’m caught
But I trust in my God
My hope founded in grace
One day I’ll be free
From this odd halfway place

I Wait

Grace enough to breathe
Is what I long for
Grace enough to find
A way to see
Grace enough to overcome 
My sorrow
Grace enough to live
And fully be
Grace is what will save me
A gift I don’t deserve
Grace can fill the deepness
Overfill my dry reserve
Lord your promise 
Is my talisman
That holds in it my fate
I cling to what you offer
And on your healing touch
I wait

Tainted Wisdom

Tainted wisdom
Keeps me walking
Down a road
Already run
Clouded judgment
Moves me forward
Toward a life
That’s sure undone 
Walk beside me
Gracious Spirit 
Guide me on
In peace and truth
Clear the fog
Fix my thinking
Let my mind
Be full renewed


I rise 
above the heavens
and step 
upon the stars
I see 
as if I’ve never seen before
the wide expanse
stretched out around me
the beauty 
fills my very soul
And I discover
I am free 
forever more
from my heartache
by my sin
I am given
to a universal peace
ever certain
of God’s love
that lives within me
ever hopeful
to become
what I might be
I live
as one now given
sweet release

Fires of Fear

Our eyes sting 
From the smoke
From the fires of fear
Stoked by the fuels
Of intention
And injustice
We cannot escape
The acrid vapor
It follows 
As we move
CoverIng our faces
Turning our backs
Only for a moment
The smog of foreboding
Hangs still
All around

We need a fresh wind
Fight fire with fire
The rush of the Spirit
And the clean burning flames
Of Pentecost
Will let us breathe
Come Holy Spirit
Use your Church
To clear the air

Fear and Trembling

The holy fear
And humble trembling
Arise again
For you have called me
From the darkness
From the depths
Of guilt and sin

Called me out 
Into the waters
Of my neighbors’ shattered lives
Called me out
To bring the light and love
That caused my own soul
To revive

Who am I
That you should choose me?
Who am I 
To be your voice?
I tremble at the calling
And I’m humbled by your choice

I pray now for the courage
To fully give myself to you 
I pray 
With fear and trembling
Make me bold
And strong
And true


I will glorify you Lord
In all I do
I will praise you
In my heart that lives anew
I will sing and shout for joy
As my sin you have destroyed
I will glorify you Lord
The whole day through 

The Better Beyond

What lies beyond our thinking?
What world do we ignore?
What if we went beyond ourselves
To a place outside our door?
Beyond the walls we build up?
And the life deceptive lived?
What if we sought to be with
The neighbors we keep hid?
The life we make isn’t evil
But we foolish say it’s good
And what we fight and claw for
Is not what Jesus would
It’s a facade of richest blessing
The world’s unlasting gain
It’s not that we’re unholy
But we seek to curb the pain
The pain of loving neighbors
The pain of sacrifice
The pain of giving up what’s good
So that others might find life
The enemy is winning
Saying “Just don’t make God mad”
We’re persuaded to shun holiness
Replaced with goals of not-too-bad
Rise up O Church with courage
Go beyond the world’s success
The holy life is calling
A life beyond the very best


One foot planted
In God’s wholeness
The other caught
In selfish gain
The chasm widens
Now precarious
I must choose
Avoiding pain
One hand 
Held out to free me
By other hands
I’m captive held
As I reach
For life and wholeness
The hands of madness
Are expelled
Christ is stronger
Than my captors
Greater still
Than all I’ve been
He leads me
To a world so hopeful
Frees me from
The world of sin
Choose this day
I beg my spirit
Choose life
And be made whole
Choose not
The empty promise
Of a world
That kills the soul