Perfectly free
Of me
I must be
If humility
Is my goal
I’d rather be humble
Than humbled
For the latter
Is pain for my soul
But the journey
To one
Is the work
Of the other
And calls me
To let myself go
So I’ll endure
My life’s gaffs
And learn best I can
So humility
More I will know

Time to Ride

Wobbly and uncertain
You began to learn
A guiding hand
Held fast behind you
After a while
They had to run
To keep up
As you garnered skills
Gathered knowledge
And gained experience
And now 
It’s time to ride
Today you claim
This gift of faith
As your mode of transport
Into the uncertain future
Watching now 
Those who taught you
Now also learn from you
Reminded of their own
Childlike faith
So today is the day
It’s time to ride
To answer the call
To seek God’s path
To trust the Spirit within you
And to help the rest of us
To do the same


Through the soil
Life emerges 
A seed
A sprout
A promise
Rains fall
Winds blow
Strength arises from within
One day a harvest
But first
There is the struggle
To be
To become
To be seen
To be fully known


What would you do
If your life were made new?
What hope would it give to your heart?
What dream would you dream
If the slate were wiped clean?
What venture would you dare to start?

Well this is that day
When life starts a new
Take a step
Run a race
Chart a course
This is that day
Just waiting to be
Its goal
And its source

Onward Always

Setting sail
In the sunshine
Waves of courage
Line the dock
On the sea
Far from shoreline
Waves now tossing
Sailors mock
Row the boat
Bail the water
Turn not back
From the aims
Storms subside
Waves will settle
Onward always
Hope remains

New Alive

Let me go 
Stop the games
No more scheming
No more shame
Tired and weary
I’ve become
It’s well past time
And now I’m done
Every day you’re there
You stalk and spy
But not today
Though you may try
You see I’m done
And now I’m free
I’ve met my foe
And found it’s me
But grace abounds
And Jesus saves
No more I’ll be
Sin’s gutless slave
Spirit washed
Embraced by love
Raised from the depths
To heights above
A new day dawns
My soul will thrive
As God has made me
New alive 

Raise Me Up

Raise me up to see the wonder
Raise me up
Raise me up I’m torn asunder
Raise me up
Let me live in you again
Let me be a better man
Raise me up from where I’ve been
Raise me up

Never more to seek the glory on my own
Never more to push ahead or walk alone
Raise me up to be with you
Raise me up my soul renew
Take my heart
Take my life 
And make it true

Fear Not

Love deeply
though there’s pain
and there will be
but fear not
Love deeply
though unrequited
as it may well be
but fear not
Love deeply
though others gossip
for they likely will
but fear not
Love deeply
though you feel weak
and you will
but fear not
Love deeply
for love covers much sin
and love never fails
so fear not


With a half-tooth smile
She nodded as I passed
Tending the fire
Stirring the pot
Cooking her harvest
Food for a neighbor
Fasting for her
Serving the greater need
Not from her excess
But from her provision
Blessed truly
Are the poor
Woe to those
Who fail to see
What love can do
What love evokes
What love endures

Knowing and Loving

Knowledge and vital piety
The Wesley brother said
Is the measure of our keeping
Two separate pieces meant to wed
For knowing God is paramount
But obeying shows our love
So holiness and learning
Together carry us above
Above the fear of evil days
Above the angst of shame
Above the darkest hours
Above that we cannot name
Search the Holy Sciptures
And devour all God speaks
But also live like Jesus
Offer grace and turn your cheek
In these two great endeavors
We’ll find life to its full
We’ll see the face of glory
And be free of sin’s harsh pull