Dead Ended No More

Long had I wandered
In the harsh lands of doubt
Dead ends trod too often
With my legs giving out
Valleys of poverty
Mountains of shame
I stumbled and climbed
And limped along lame
I hardly took note
Of the one walking near
He called out my name
But it took time to hear
When I turned toward the sound
Of grace offered free
I found a companion
Who first founded me
The journey still taxing
The path narrow still
But the change unexpected
Was the strength of my will
Stronger I felt
With each passing stride
As Christ led me on
And walked by my side
My journey's not ended
I'm not sure when it might
But my dead ended wanderings
Are no longer in sight

Love Unbounded

All to Jesus
Now surrender
Give him all you have to give
Life abundant
Joy resounding
Let us now in Him full live
Let them see
Help then know
God is love unbounded
Show His grace
Speak His name
Evil’s plans will be confounded
Hearts of stone
Turned to flesh
Grace our sin redeeming 
Christ the Lord
Lifted high
Live a life of greater meaning

Edgy Living

Poking at the edges
And dancing ’round the depths
You play the game of friendship
Never housemates only guests
Niceties and smiles
Hide the deeper truth
Never taking time to probe
The heart of those not you
The rain can’t fill a bucket
Covered up or upside-down
Until the spirit opens up
No life will there be found

There is More

I climb the hill
and spot the top
but I arrive and see
there is more

Struggles come up
and I fight my way through
only to find
there is more

I measure my doing
repent of my sin
but sadly within
there is more

Then grace covers over
the guilt and the shame
if I stumble
there is more

My life found in Christ
is better each day
as each day I find
there is more

I seek every moment
a strength not my own
And yes
like I’ve said
there is more

The Life of Obedience

We cringe at what’s required
Forgetting how it works
This life that we’ve been gifted with
Has deep embedded perks
Obedience is not our hope
To avoid eternal pain
To do as God would ask us
Is to find that loss is gain
Choosing to obey the call
Of the God who offers life
Is to find the groove that leads us
To happiness from strife
So Christians choose to follow
To embrace the harder task
For the life you find within you
Will be more than you could ask

A Prisoner Free

I saw before me a prison cell
with names of faithful souls
crudely carved in the wall

And a voice said to me
“Go put your name
alongside the ancient saints”

I hesitated
for my fear was great
and my worth too small
but love compelled me go

“Without the capture of your life”
said the voice of grace
“others will never be free
They will live in isolation
walled in by shame and guilt
and deceptive pleasures”

And so then
with trembling hands
I wrote my name
as the prison door closed
and I was freer
than I had ever been

Giant Faith

A mountain of a man
Crumbled to the ground
A young boy with a rock
Just took Goliath down
Sword and spear and javelin
The weapons proven strong
Lay lifeless on the silent ground
As the fearful broke in song
He came not with great weaponry
He wore no armor vest
He trusted in the God he knew
Who stood time’s onward test
The victory no joy to God
As one of his creatures fell
But truth would be made known this day
And as the story they would tell
The power of Almighty God
Is greater than the threat
That comes from men like mountains
Or any worry you might fret
Heed not the taunting battle cries
That ring loudly in your ears
God almighty fights the fight
There is nothing you need fear

When Worlds Meet

Brush strokes 
The only evidence
Of the pride
She holds
Behind a stoic stare
In the stagnant doorway
Of a slow 
moving world
Prized soil packed
Defines her lot
In life

Strangers gawk
Then smile
Awkward greetings
tongue-tied lips
Enough to stay
The ego
And assuage the discomfort
Yet distance
Familiar strangers these

In You

There is rest
in the shadow of your grace
O God
There is hope
In the glory of your name
There is peace
Like a river
Flowing from your throne
There is love
That can cover all our shame

Oh let your Spirit 
rise within us
Let your presence 
be felt in all the land
Give us life that is full 
and overflowing
From your gracious 
omnipotent hand

Let us fear not
the day that lies before us
Let us hate not
the one who does us wrong
Let us live
In the joy of your redemption
Let us sing
a life-giving, hopeful song

In you we find our hope
In you we find our rest
In you we are free forever
In you we are deeply, richly blessed

Oh let your Spirit 
rise within us
Let your presence 
be felt in all the land
Give us life that is full 
and overflowing
From your gracious 
omnipotent hand

Never More to ´╗┐Walk Alone

Walking along the barren land
Of the wilderness within
My soul is often quaking
From the guilt and shame of sin
I long to find my way
In a world of anxious hearts
I long to know your grace, O God
And the peace which it imparts

Fill me up, Lord, relieve me
Overflow my soul this day
Fill me up, Lord, and free me
To walk your good and holy way
With you I find a life of joy
With you my soul’s at rest
With you I know I’m worthy
With you I’m at my best

Never more to walk alone
I have hope that never dies
No more to walk in barren lands
I stroll with you through paradise