The Eve of the Eve

The eve of the Eve
A scurrying lot
Throw goods in a basket
And cars in the lot
Mayhem ensues
As they strive now to find
The perfect right gift
That shows them most kind
Time spent in prep
For a moment of glee
Would it not be much better
If the truth we could see
The eve of the Eve
Could be added time
To spend with the ones
You miss while in line
You could recount the story
Of the baby who came
To give life to all
And make craziness sane
Jesus with Mary
As Joseph stands guard
That’s the real image
Of the Christmas reward 
A Savior has come
To bring peace not a spree
So put down the gift card
And let Christmas just be
Soak up the truth
On the eve of the Eve
And the true joy of Christmas
You’re sure to receive

Stable of Wood

“Peace on earth,” the angels call
As the shepherds quake and tremble
“Glory to God,” the chorus sings
To these care-taking men assembled
A new day has come as Christ is born
In a stable in Bethlehem town
The light has come to a darkened world
God’s love has from heaven come down
If you go you will see this small child
Who appears like so many before
Yet in him is the safeguarded promise
God will his creation restore
The blood in his veins to all people brings hope
In his brokenness all are made whole
The sins of the world he takes on his back
As the sacrifice prophets foretold
To all who receive him, accepting the gift
He gives power to change – bad to good
His love is made known by his death on the cross
But begins in a stable of wood

May It Be

It is the annual remembrance
of a family’s hopeful day
a project in the making
had finally seen the light of day
Two people took the lead
and others helped along the way
to nurture this endeavor
through love and work and play
I’m ever grateful for the start
and for a strong finish I do pray
for the project was the life I have
a gift I’m thankful for this day

So to those two who made me
and to the God who gave me breath
I love you dearly always
from my heart’s deep hidden depths
And to the one who gave my life
the greater meaning it now finds
to my wife and true companion
what a joy to know you’re mine
There are many more to mention
our own projects to name two
I am who I am this special day
because with me you shared your you

Lord help me honor this great gift
Is my birthday prayer this morn
May I be the man you hoped for
on the day that I was born