I Remember

I remember you
Of all the things I could say
That feels
Your passing
Doesn’t go unnoticed
Your life continues to have meaning
I remember 
Many moments
That together made you
So much of me
But it’s not the memories
That matter
Rather it’s you
That resides in me
I remember you
Your life
Your being
Your presence
I remember
Because you remain
And for that
I give thanks to God

(Dedicated to my dad on the occasion of his first birthday not with us)

To Jan on Her Birthday

What was it God was thinking
as He made you who you are?
What joy and love God gifted
to the world when you were born!
Why is it you can bring a smile
to so many all around?
How is it you can say “you’re loved”
but never make a sound?
I still can see that moment
when you walked into my life. 
And I give my thanks to God above
that you agreed to be my wife. 
May this day bring joy abundant
as we celebrate your birth,
for joy abundant you have brought
since God put you on this earth. 

(A more directed writing today. I do hope you understand)

My Birthday Girl

What joy to hold a newborn girl
Then watch her grow and bloom
I never knew such love before
Never knew my heart had room
But the blessing of a child
Who loves and lives so well
Is a story of God’s grace for me
A story I am want to tell
So celebrate the day little one
You’re a beautiful joy to behold
May the blessing that you are to me
Come back to you one hundred fold

May It Be

It is the annual remembrance
of a family’s hopeful day
a project in the making
had finally seen the light of day
Two people took the lead
and others helped along the way
to nurture this endeavor
through love and work and play
I’m ever grateful for the start
and for a strong finish I do pray
for the project was the life I have
a gift I’m thankful for this day

So to those two who made me
and to the God who gave me breath
I love you dearly always
from my heart’s deep hidden depths
And to the one who gave my life
the greater meaning it now finds
to my wife and true companion
what a joy to know you’re mine
There are many more to mention
our own projects to name two
I am who I am this special day
because with me you shared your you

Lord help me honor this great gift
Is my birthday prayer this morn
May I be the man you hoped for
on the day that I was born