The Answer

If within you lies a struggle
And a healing is your need
Come to Jesus
For in him you can believe

If you seek a life of meaning
In a world adrift at sea
Come to Jesus
And a calling you’ll receive

He is Lord of all you survey
And of all you cannot see
He’s the answer
And the hope that will not leave

So come and gather ’round his table
Come to worship with the free
Come to Jesus
And your burden he’ll relieve

Fear and Trembling

The holy fear
And humble trembling
Arise again
For you have called me
From the darkness
From the depths
Of guilt and sin

Called me out 
Into the waters
Of my neighbors’ shattered lives
Called me out
To bring the light and love
That caused my own soul
To revive

Who am I
That you should choose me?
Who am I 
To be your voice?
I tremble at the calling
And I’m humbled by your choice

I pray now for the courage
To fully give myself to you 
I pray 
With fear and trembling
Make me bold
And strong
And true

Do I believe

Do I believe
what He believed
that all could be
set free?
Do I believe
the Spirit moves
for those
who long to see?
Do I believe
a life could change
if only
they would ask?
Do I believe
that Christ alone
can our truest self
Would they believe
if they saw me
and the life
I live out loud?
Would they be moved
to seek this life
if they saw me
in a crowd?
What else
have I been doing
if not
to offer Christ?
What else 
should I be striving for
but To lead
one more to life?
O my soul
believe it deep
and live
as if you do
For the people
you encounter
seek a life
that’s fully true

Lead Me

Lead me not along the dead-end path
Nor down the lonesome road
But guide me O Jehovah
Where your living waters flow
Lead me on to serve your purpose
Show me where to stop and start
May my life give honest witness
To your ever-loving heart
Lead me not to fame or fortune
Not succumbed to pride or greed
But where others long to know you
Call my name and onward lead

Onward Always

Setting sail
In the sunshine
Waves of courage
Line the dock
On the sea
Far from shoreline
Waves now tossing
Sailors mock
Row the boat
Bail the water
Turn not back
From the aims
Storms subside
Waves will settle
Onward always
Hope remains

Power Play

One takes too much
Another too little
The balance of life
Lies there in the middle
Take heed of your power
And attend to your call
Don’t shrink from the work
Nor make others crawl
The power you’re offered
Holds blessing and good
While it also hides danger
If not understood
Be cautious and careful
As you faithfully serve
For the work is much needed
But no praise you deserve
The enemy comes 
And whispers your name
But tend not to your ego
And seek not your fame
Simply honor the giver
Of the power you hold
Let God’s gracious love
Be the story full told

A Daring Life

No promise of the world’s renown 
No immediate reward
To live a daring life for God
No ambition can afford
The cross is there before us
To suffer is our claim
For we follow a cross-hung rebel
And his fate is ours the same
No cause for doubt or worry
The cost pales to what we find
So look ahead to life abundant
The greater treasure keep in mind
Too many live the falsehood
Of life’s counterfeit pursuit
Speak to them a word this day
With love no human can dispute
There’s more to life than we imagine
Peace and righteousness to know
So take the chance to walk His way
And let hope be what you sow

All of Me

I will seek no more
My hearts desire
But subject my will
To refining fire
Take away
My bent to sin
That life abundant
I might win
All of me
I give to you
All of me
Please Lord renew
Put me to doing
Put me aside
No longer drawn
By foolish pride
The life I live 
Will fully be
When I surrender
All of me

Cast Off

Throw off the mooring lines
Push off the bow
Set sail on the open water
A boat at dock
Will catch no fish
Nor find its way to distant lands
Secure the mainstay
Batten the hatches
Cast off your fear
You are made for the sea
Designed to navigate the waves
You are well appointed for the task
And you are not alone

Lead On

Who could see with human eyes
The path that here before us lies
The stones you move
Our doubts reprove
Great hopes within our hearts arise

Lead on our stalwart Savior
Hold fast your loving favor
By faith we go
Your grace bestow
May we from this path not waiver