Bygone Winter 

Through the frosted window
Lay a world awash in white
Rough edges now made smooth
Every surface now gleamed bright
Such it was for childhood snowfalls
All around a pristine sight
I sat transfixed at my small window
And watched the world awash in white
Later on I would hurry
Don my puffy nylon suit
I’d rush out into the beauty
Make my mark with well worn boots
The crunching sound of lost perfection
Came each time I placed my foot
The blanket subject to the eagerness
Of my winter’s day pursuits
A simple joy of younger days
A memory of the seasons past
I’m saddened by the memory
That the beauty could not last
And while I know in youthful zeal
The driven snow I did harass
That world awash in white
Would always melt into the grass

Footprints on the Floor

You toddled off
to find your way
Small footprints in the carpet
became boxes
packed to leave 
I now carry those
as I carried you
and a kiss on the cheek
is thankfully
still my reward
The hopes of our yesterdays
are becoming a reality
in your tomorrows
My outward pride
real as it is
is mixed 
with the sadness
of no longer seeing
your footprints on the floor.