Any Road

If any road can get there
I’ll take this one
If I can choose my own future
I’ll lay claim to His
I’m no self-made man
That was disaster
Self made mess
Is the best I ever did
So when I found this way
I grabbed full hold
To follow one with power
And passion
Yet empathetic and loving
I’ll choose that road
Every time
I’ve just come to realize
I don’t need self-help
I need soul help
I don’t need coaching
I need forgiveness
I don’t need grand schemes
I need grace 
Choose your road
But if it’s not His road
The scenery won’t compare
If it’s not His Way
The company won’t either
Following Jesus
That’s the path I choose
Buen Camino

Right Road

I’m on the right road
And I’m never looking back
Though I wander
And I find myself off track
Still I know this path I see
Will make me all I hope to be
I’m on the right road
Fully forward fully free

It’s the way of many pilgrims
Seeking peace and purpose true
It’s no easy road to walk
And it’s chosen by so few
Yet the moments in each day
Bring a joy words can’t convey
I’m on the right road
And it’s here I plan to stay

Rally Cry

Justice without righteousness
Prosperity over grace
Freedom far too messy
Far too caustic for my taste
Many will rejoice tonight
And rightful toast the day
For freedom is our hallmark
Even as the bindings fray
I pray we’ll find a future
That allows for hope and peace
Guide us on O Great Jehovah
May our angst and strain decrease
Give us love for those who differ
Give us willing ears to hear
Let us not succumb to madness
Let us not live out our fears
For those who follow Jesus
Let us die this day to we
Let us fully give the life we have
So others might be free


Be the bright spot
In the darkness
Be the love
They rarely see
Be the one
Who sees their struggle
Be a help
To those in need
Be for others
What you hope for
Be for friends
A place to lean
Be for strangers
A warm smile
Be for two
The way unseen
Be unchained
From selfish motives
Be set free
From guilt and shame
Be what’s needed
For your neighbor
Be forever 
Not the same

The Better Beyond

What lies beyond our thinking?
What world do we ignore?
What if we went beyond ourselves
To a place outside our door?
Beyond the walls we build up?
And the life deceptive lived?
What if we sought to be with
The neighbors we keep hid?
The life we make isn’t evil
But we foolish say it’s good
And what we fight and claw for
Is not what Jesus would
It’s a facade of richest blessing
The world’s unlasting gain
It’s not that we’re unholy
But we seek to curb the pain
The pain of loving neighbors
The pain of sacrifice
The pain of giving up what’s good
So that others might find life
The enemy is winning
Saying “Just don’t make God mad”
We’re persuaded to shun holiness
Replaced with goals of not-too-bad
Rise up O Church with courage
Go beyond the world’s success
The holy life is calling
A life beyond the very best

Past and Future

We all have 
some guilt to run from
We all have 
a shameful past
We also have
a Savior
who longs 
to hold us fast
Grace is not
just for the table
Hope is not
for home decor
There is freedom
and renewal
a pardoned life
in Christ the Lord
So forget
what lies behind you
and strive 
for what’s to come
Let the life of Christ
redeem you
as to His future
you now run

Time to Ride

Wobbly and uncertain
You began to learn
A guiding hand
Held fast behind you
After a while
They had to run
To keep up
As you garnered skills
Gathered knowledge
And gained experience
And now 
It’s time to ride
Today you claim
This gift of faith
As your mode of transport
Into the uncertain future
Watching now 
Those who taught you
Now also learn from you
Reminded of their own
Childlike faith
So today is the day
It’s time to ride
To answer the call
To seek God’s path
To trust the Spirit within you
And to help the rest of us
To do the same


Let my day
Be the present
Someone needed
For a time
Let my hands
Serve your purpose
Life’s constrictions
To unbind
Let my words
Full of hope
Be a gift
Of joy embraced
Let my heart
Offer love
Infused with grace
Let me be
What you need
For the hurting
Move within
Shape my life
Fill me up
And pour me out

Can I Live?

Can I live this life 
you give anew?
Can I find my way 
to trust in you?
I know full well 
your love for me
And struggle yet 
to faithful be
Will you this day 
put your strength within
And let me now 
new life begin?
I long to be 
“all in” for you
So make me strong 
and make me true

Sing My Soul

Sing my soul for love is dawning
In the darkness comes the light
Sing with gladness, dance rejoicing
Wrong was turned to make us right
Life abundant given to us
Peace unbounded lifts us high
Christ has conquered every evil
To all sinfulness we’ve died
Jesus lead us, take us onward
Never back but full ahead
The greater future now awaits us
The promise just as you have said
May we sing the songs of glory
And let others hear the praise
That the dawn may fill their darkness
Your new life in them be raised