Hope of All

No more to wander
Weak and weary
Lost in a world
That’s dark and dreary
Light has come
In a manger born
The hope of all
On Christmas morn
A child to lead us
A Messiah to save
To make us whole
And make us brave
Lord Jesus Christ
The joy of heaven
The light of the world
To us is given
Draw near to the manger
The babe you’ll see
And by faith you’ll find
Your soul set free

That Simple Stable

Did the hay smell sweet
Beneath your head
Did the lambs
Come near to see
Did you know deep down
That you had come
All people
To set free
There in a humble stable
You came
Just as we had
To set our hearts
In a place of peace
In a world
Gone bat shit mad

And it’s me
As well
That insane lives
And does what I want do
Then I wander lost
In my doubts and fear
Living in
Such need of you
Draw me near again
Lord Jesus
A humble infant born
Who knows the life
I tend to live
And much forlorn
Let me full embrace
The greatest love
That filled that night
With awe
As there 
In a simple stable
Heaven’s king
Slept in the straw


Hope is lost
On those who balk
At the sound of angel’s wings
Love eludes
The self absorbed
Who cannot hear them sing
Peace comes not
To those who look
But never see the heaven’s throng
Joy escapes
The hardened heart
That will not join their song

Angels move among us
Bringing good news for us all
Messengers of grace they are
For those who hear their call
So join the mighty chorus
Lift your voice in joyous praise
The heavenly hosts are singing still
In Christ the Lord come better days


Your mother 
carried you in her arms
Your father 
gathered food
You were needy
and lacked mobility
Even if you could
turn rocks to bread
someone else
would need to feed you
How odd 
it must have been
for the King
of all creation
to be subject to
the limits of
said creation
Incarnation it seems
requires great humility
and patience
and a willingness
to be weak
Maybe that’s why
so many avoid
the Christ-like life
at least
it is why I do

Morning’s Light

As the dawn snuck through the window
Mary nursed her newborn son
The animals stirred and kept their watch
Over the Light of God now come
So much was now so different
Yet by all appearances the same
The Word made flesh among us
Had the future now reframed

So we praise our God in heaven
And we honor the King of kings
For Christmas is the miracle
That makes the poor heart sing
Let us not forget too quickly
And leave Jesus in the hay
For the Light has come forever
Making darkness into day

Thank You, Mary

You carried precious cargo
But found no waiting throne
After many days of journey
A stable was your home
O Mary how we wonder
Did you fret and cry that night?
Or was the Prince of Peace within you
Enough to make it all feel right?
The presence of the One True God
So uniquely found in you
We wonder Mary, did you know
What his life for us would do?
Did it cross your mind that day
When in Bethlehem you searched
For a place to have this baby
That redemption you would birth?
As you lay exhausted in the straw
Gazing at his hands and feet
Did you marvel at the future
And the powers he’d unseat?
Uncertain what you thought that day
We simply focus on what’s true
The Savior of all humankind
Came to us only through you
So thank you for your courage
And those months so heavy laid
You carried there within you
The hope of all our days
We’re grateful for the struggle
To give birth in a well-used stall
To bring to life the King of kings
Jesus Christ the hope of all
The faithful call you blessed
Believers owe to you a debt
And of your deep abiding faith
May we never soon forget

The Eve of the Eve

The eve of the Eve
A scurrying lot
Throw goods in a basket
And cars in the lot
Mayhem ensues
As they strive now to find
The perfect right gift
That shows them most kind
Time spent in prep
For a moment of glee
Would it not be much better
If the truth we could see
The eve of the Eve
Could be added time
To spend with the ones
You miss while in line
You could recount the story
Of the baby who came
To give life to all
And make craziness sane
Jesus with Mary
As Joseph stands guard
That’s the real image
Of the Christmas reward 
A Savior has come
To bring peace not a spree
So put down the gift card
And let Christmas just be
Soak up the truth
On the eve of the Eve
And the true joy of Christmas
You’re sure to receive

Love Made Real

The Christmas truth
Is love made real
And this I do believe
In a baby born 
Among the sheep
God’s love do we receive
Divine he is
In flesh he came
To render life anew
The miracle 
Of God himself
Came down to me and you
To live this new reality
Is the challenge
Every day
For the spirit’s willing
But the flesh is weak
Lord keep us strong, we pray
May this day we cling
To Christmas truth
To hope and grace and light
May we live the truth
Of your deep love
Made real one silent night

Unto Us

Healer is his reputation 
Forgiver known to be
Friend of saints and sinners
But there’s more than what we see
A skilled and steady hand
Takes a blade and cuts away
The self-adoring cancer
That leads the heart astray
Unwilling to surrender
Our souls to sin’s disease
He brings a painful answer
That leads to greater peace
“I’ve come to bring the sword
cutting marrow from the bone”
This his declaration
As our life he does atone
Whatever it may be
That keeps us trapped within
Is the target of his scalpel
Until the fight he surely wins
So hear these words not said
That unto you this day is born
A surgeon of great skill
Who is Jesus Christ the Lord

Next Days

Now in a manger lies the heaven-sent child
only days before into earth was born
Just beyond that definitive moment
Of that long ago joyous Christmas morn
Now is the moment to offer our life
To give to this young babe our heart
For the glory of heaven before us
Is the One in whom new life can start
We praise you this day, Lord Jesus
Grace and truth in you are made known
We gather united in spirit 
Bowing humbly before Heaven’s throne
We hold this one day as special
It is the BEST day of all of our week
For this day we recall you are God with us now
In you finding peace we all seek