Fires of Fear

Our eyes sting 
From the smoke
From the fires of fear
Stoked by the fuels
Of intention
And injustice
We cannot escape
The acrid vapor
It follows 
As we move
CoverIng our faces
Turning our backs
Only for a moment
The smog of foreboding
Hangs still
All around

We need a fresh wind
Fight fire with fire
The rush of the Spirit
And the clean burning flames
Of Pentecost
Will let us breathe
Come Holy Spirit
Use your Church
To clear the air

Start a Rumor

What treasure we withhold
For fear of being seen
What life denied our neighbor
Only leftovers to glean

Set a feast
Kill the calf
Pour the wine
Tap a draft
Raise the dead
Heal the lame
Love like Jesus
Just the same

Let them gossip in their homes
Of a people oddly free
Start a rumor of new life
And a love that cannot be

Live in hope
Offer grace
Smile often
Slow your pace
Be a light
Share the peace
Scatter salt
Love increase


Humanity is dying
From an epidemic
Of viral fear
What hope is found?
What future looms?
When fear is at a fever pitch?

I listen to the words
Of my teacher
The one whom I seek to follow
Time and again he says
“Do not be afraid”
At times followed by
“I am with you always”

Those who walk that path
Do you not hear his words?
Why so fearful O my soul?
Why indeed
If God is for us
Who can stand against us?
If God is for us
What could take us down?
It seems our greatest enemy
Is us

May I See

May I see in you
What I long to be
A man of noble deeds
May I hear your words
And feel your heart
Letting angst and fear recede
May I see in you
The deeper truth
Of who God has made you be
And may you look
Into my much-flawed heart
And see the same of me

Grieve Not

Grieve not the loss
Of pride and pretension
For they are but the mire
That holds captive the soul
Seek to hold high
The goodness of others
For in giving them honor
The body grows whole

Grieve not the struggle
That comes with the being
One with the many
Seeking God’s greater good
In working together
We will find new tomorrows
In humble connection
We’ll end up where we should


Tied up
By insecurity
Held fast
By self-made fear
To the worst of thoughts
We fight
With brave veneer
‘Tis easier
To holler
And soothing
To defend
Our strongly 
held position
To our sadly
Bitter end
It serves
To more divide us
And keep us
Far apart
Then in loneliness
We wonder
How things ever
Got this far

Untethered World

An untethered world needs an anchor
A way to hold fast through the storm
There is One who stands never to fall
Heals the hurting and makes the weak strong

Those who believe and who follow
Are called to proclaim that good news 
To say to a world in a free fall
There is a lifeline of hope you can use
Reach out as you sink in the waters
Grab his hand as you face wind and waves
For Jesus our Lord, the true Son of God
Offers grace by which we are saved
Church, our untethered friends need the vision
That we have discovered in Christ
This teetering world seeks an answer
We know only one will truly suffice

So stand firm on the rock, Church of Jesus
Be bold in your faith and your deeds
This plummeting world needs a rescue
And through us is how God intercedes


Be still
Wait and pray
For power
And peace
Is yours this day
Come Holy Spirit
And set fire
To the hearts
Of God’s people
A kindling pyre
Change the world
Bring the news
Of hope born anew
Let the church
Set aflame
Your glory show true
This day
BEST of all days
For we who await
This day
Lives are changed
New hearts you create
Holy Spirit
Come near
Fill us once again
Holy Spirit
We seek you
From young girls to old men
Let no one
Be kept
From your holy blaze
Let this Pentecost
Be the greatest
Of days

Light Bearers Wanted

Seeking what he ought not find
In the darkest corners
Of an unkempt mind
He walks an unmarked rocky way
Blind and broken
Near death’s decay
The light of hope he will not see
The darkness filled
With sin’s debris
He needs a bearer of light to come
To bring the hope
To unblock the sun
Who will travel this desperate path
To bring new life
To bring him back
“Whom shall I send?” The Lord inquires
“Who will offer
What this one requires?”

Let Me Plant a Garden

Let me plant a garden
Beyond the backyard fence
And let the smallest seeds of hope
A new future now commence
I’ll tend the weeds and water
I’ll nurture best I can
Just give it time to germinate
By God’s good will, not man’s
As it grows and captures ground
As the wind blows seeds about
Fear not the crop so different
But let the fence be taken out
The garden will invade
The oft well-tended lawn
And life will come with shouts of joy
And the household be reborn 
This landscape unfamiliar
Birthed by soil rich and old
Will be the lasting legacy
Of hearts who’d be so bold