Against the flowing current
We’ll paddle fully on
Moving through the waters
Into the coming dawn
Resist the cries of agony
Resounding with each stroke
The strength is given to us
Passions fire in us stoked
To rest is to go backward
To stop is to lose ground
So dip the oar with vigor
Until our landing yet be found

Holy Fire

I will give myself to the gracious One
Who gave himself for me
To my imperfections, hurts and fears
I’ll no longer captive be

I’ll love those whom He loves
I’ll go where He says go
I’ll follow to the highest heights
Or to the deepest depths below

I will let go of my pride
And relinquish my desire 
I pray the iron of my being
May be refined by holy fire

I Will

I will stand in your presence
I will lift up my hands
I will sing ’til it’s over
I will heed your commands
I will come though unworthy
I will admit my mistakes
I will accept all your judgment
I will receive all your grace
I will worship in spirit
I will cling to your truth
I will honor you, Jesus
I will live now for you