I Remember

I remember you
Of all the things I could say
That feels
Your passing
Doesn’t go unnoticed
Your life continues to have meaning
I remember 
Many moments
That together made you
So much of me
But it’s not the memories
That matter
Rather it’s you
That resides in me
I remember you
Your life
Your being
Your presence
I remember
Because you remain
And for that
I give thanks to God

(Dedicated to my dad on the occasion of his first birthday not with us)

Saint Dad

Are you gathered with the many
Who have joined the kingdom true?
Are you face to face with Jesus?
Is he smiling back at you?
I imagine that he is
As you gather round the throne
I imagine that you’re happy
As now to you Christ is full known
On this Sabbath day I ponder
What your life with God’s become
And I celebrate your faith
In the gracious saving One
You’re the saint that’s on my mind
As we honor all who’ve gone before
And I pray the life you found
Is all you’d hoped and even more 

A Father Further Forward

You reached the point
You always pushed beyond
From humble tough beginnings
To a simple country life
You always moved forward
There were side steps
And small steps
There were some downhills
And some tenuous ways
Toward the end
You had to move just a bit
And then stop to reset
But you always moved forward
Until you couldn’t
You didn’t give up
You just lay down
For a much needed rest
You covered some ground
In the days you had
You ended up
Where few would have expected
But it happened
Because you kept going
Until you couldn’t any more
Rest in the arms of God
Rest In Peace
Well done

Love You Dad

I tried to help you
Face your new reality
And you did
With your usual strength 
But this day was someday
Until it was yesterday

Now it is we
Who face our new reality
You passed on the strength
For days like this
This day that was someday
Until it was yesterday

I’m not sure I like
This world you’re not in
Though you live
Within us all
And I know we’ll see you again
So I’ll stack up the yesterdays
And look forward to that someday

Father to Father

I know what you know
I feel what you feel
I’ve taken on the task
As Fathers to our children
The dye has long been cast
We live in joy
And hold the pain
As they grow and find their way
As dads we listen
And counsel give
But mostly now we pray
Thanks be to God
We have His help
Our Heavenly Father knows
We need the grace and power
He upon us will bestow
For discerning when to help
And when to let them go
Is the toughest task we’re given
So often hard to know
Therefore we lift our heart and soul
To the Father of us all
Pour out on us Your Spirit
As we live a father’s call