I Remember

I remember you
Of all the things I could say
That feels
Your passing
Doesn’t go unnoticed
Your life continues to have meaning
I remember 
Many moments
That together made you
So much of me
But it’s not the memories
That matter
Rather it’s you
That resides in me
I remember you
Your life
Your being
Your presence
I remember
Because you remain
And for that
I give thanks to God

(Dedicated to my dad on the occasion of his first birthday not with us)

Days Like This

On this day of dormancy
Quiet lay the tomb
All seemed truly lost
And all too very soon
But dead is not full done
And buried is not through
What seems to be an end
Will be the start of something new
It is the truth of God alive
That death has lost its sting
But still there will be days like this
Gut-wrenching loss a thing
So know this day of in-between
Is as needed as tomorrow
For resurrection Sunday joy
Requires this day’s sorrow
We need not fool ourselves
And think this day is moot
For death will sling more arrows
And sadness will take root
But in the mourning of our loss
We look with faithful eyes
For from the dormant quiet tomb
Salvation will arise

Friday’s Good

Oh the burden of my sin
You must have held there on the cross
I am crushed to see you suffer
Friday’s good to me is lost

Why this ending?
Why this plan?
Why for me
A sinful man?
Lifted high
And nailed secure
You offered me
New life and more

But still I hate the way
That my sin brought so much pain
May I never take for granted
The death that life for me has gained

Ash Wednesday

What bother to be mortal
To feel the failing soul
What burden to be human
Never truly feeling whole
But to recognize our frailties
To admit our bent toward sin
Allows us to find hope anew
And in Christ born again
For from dust we were created
From the mud our life was formed
The hands that made us human
Can our spirits now reform
A smudge of ash is our reminder
Death can never be outrun
Yet mortality is exorcised
In Christ new life is won

Dream Life

I thought the worst that life could bring
Was limits on our doing
A physical disease
Would be of all our greatest ruing
But the killer to be feared
Is the one that takes our dreams
The one that keeps our mind and heart
From grasping the unseen
For imagination leads us
Beyond reality’s hard truth
And lets us see the future
Colored in the riches hues
In abundance of such beauty
We find the passion to go on
And even in a weaker state
Our dreams can keep us strong

Heart Holes

there’s a hole
in my heart
not unexpected
but it’s new
and unfamiliar
what will happen?
will it fill in?
close up?
stay tender?

What do I want?

part of me
wants the hole
so as to not forget
to be reminded
of what was
but maybe
it could heal
just a bit
but not go away

I want to feel
but not like this

Love You Dad

I tried to help you
Face your new reality
And you did
With your usual strength 
But this day was someday
Until it was yesterday

Now it is we
Who face our new reality
You passed on the strength
For days like this
This day that was someday
Until it was yesterday

I’m not sure I like
This world you’re not in
Though you live
Within us all
And I know we’ll see you again
So I’ll stack up the yesterdays
And look forward to that someday

Heaven’s Gate

Upon the shores of heaven
the water’s edge they stroll
now finding true the promise
of prophecies foretold
Emmanuel, God with us
is seated on the throne
Jesus born to Mary 
for their sin has long atoned
This life now lived eternal
they trusted in their days
when life was full of struggle
when they strove to walk his way
The glimpses of this Kingdom
were seen in hearts and hands
this promised life foreshadowed
in acts both small and grand
And now upon the shoreline
of the glorious crystal sea
the saints enter into heaven’s gate
from all burdens now set free