Cana Commencement

The time was coming
And he knew it then begins
This work to save the world
And overcome its sin
Called away from the ruckus
His mother urged him now to start
The wine is gone
You can help
And do your part
So he spoke to the servants
As his new friends watched in awe
Fill the jugs
Draw it out
And party on
There in Cana all was well
And the guests could never tell
The wine they drank
No local store could ever sell
Yet it wasn’t the beginning
Of an alchemistic show
Not the start
Of a winery’s debut
It was the first
Of all the last
Tied the future
To the past
An act for friends
Who then know the hidden truth
This strange display of the Savior
This seeming inane trick to see
Was done to show his friends
That he was really He

Halfway Place

I live halfway
Between anguish and joy
Both by choices I make
And truth I avoid 
Pains of the past
And hope for tomorrow
Evoke peace uncompared
And deeply felt sorrow
Others around me
Are near and yet not
I’m held in suspension
In limbo I’m caught
But I trust in my God
My hope founded in grace
One day I’ll be free
From this odd halfway place

The Journey

I face mountains all day long
The climbing wearies
There are demons and devils
There to slay
But my legs have the muscle
And the sword is in my hand
As the Spirit within me
Makes a way

I’m an ordinary man
Who found a life to rightly live
I’m a sinner
Who knows the gift of grace
I walk the hard narrow path
Confronting troubles as I go
But travel on
As Christ Jesus sets the pace

Such is life 
For those who would seek it
Domination of dread
Is common fare
There is power not our own
For the battles to be won
As we make our way
To hope from deep despair 

Hope in the Rain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Though I quake in the storm’s embrace

I trust you are near

Though I struggle to see the way

I push back the fear

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your faithful ones

To ease trouble’s pain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe in the change you made

In my wayward soul

I believe you are calling us

To bring others home

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your Spirit

And we find life again

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe there is more

I believe nothing less

I believe the day is coming

When we’ll find peace and rest

But until that day has come

And until this life is done

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Our Reminder

This day is not the answer
To our struggle
But it is the day to meet
The One who is
To bring ourselves to church
Is no solution
But in that place we find
That we are His
It is easy to forget
And try and make our way
It is easy to believe
It’s up to us
This day is set apart
As our reminder
Looking in is not as good
As looking up
So gather 
With the other sinners
Sing boldly
With the saints
Let the voice of worry
Grow more dimly faint
God is real
And God is near 
There is nothing 
Now to fear
Heaven’s grace and love
Your life will sure sustain


Morning has broken
And rouses me wake
There are joys to be had
And new paths to take
My soul stirs within me
As the darkness fades
New mercies are given
New wisdom awaits
Take courage my heart
As this new day unfolds
The Lord of all life
Offers blessings untold 

Time to Ride

Wobbly and uncertain
You began to learn
A guiding hand
Held fast behind you
After a while
They had to run
To keep up
As you garnered skills
Gathered knowledge
And gained experience
And now 
It’s time to ride
Today you claim
This gift of faith
As your mode of transport
Into the uncertain future
Watching now 
Those who taught you
Now also learn from you
Reminded of their own
Childlike faith
So today is the day
It’s time to ride
To answer the call
To seek God’s path
To trust the Spirit within you
And to help the rest of us
To do the same

Can I Live?

Can I live this life 
you give anew?
Can I find my way 
to trust in you?
I know full well 
your love for me
And struggle yet 
to faithful be
Will you this day 
put your strength within
And let me now 
new life begin?
I long to be 
“all in” for you
So make me strong 
and make me true

Rising Up

Rising up
I find your healing
Works to soothe
My wounded soul
Rising up
I find your mercy
Stills my nerves
And makes me whole
Rising up
I find I’m hopeful
As this new day
Has its start
Rising up
I find I’m peaceful
Grace has come
And fills my heart 

Lead Me

Lead me not along the dead-end path
Nor down the lonesome road
But guide me O Jehovah
Where your living waters flow
Lead me on to serve your purpose
Show me where to stop and start
May my life give honest witness
To your ever-loving heart
Lead me not to fame or fortune
Not succumbed to pride or greed
But where others long to know you
Call my name and onward lead