Time to Ride

Wobbly and uncertain
You began to learn
A guiding hand
Held fast behind you
After a while
They had to run
To keep up
As you garnered skills
Gathered knowledge
And gained experience
And now 
It’s time to ride
Today you claim
This gift of faith
As your mode of transport
Into the uncertain future
Watching now 
Those who taught you
Now also learn from you
Reminded of their own
Childlike faith
So today is the day
It’s time to ride
To answer the call
To seek God’s path
To trust the Spirit within you
And to help the rest of us
To do the same


I find my life most full
When I’m most willing 
to be empty
I find the greater joy
When I step into 
others’ sufferings
I find the richest moments
Are when I am disposed 
toward being poor
I find I am redeemed
When I am prone 
to be forgiving
The more I open my hand
The more abundant
are the blessings
The more love I give
The greater is
The love I find
Being a slave to Christ
Has lead me
To my greatest freedom

Lift Me Up

As the day awakens 
Let me dance indignantly 
Let me lift my hands surrendered
To the one who set me free
The Lord who gave his all
Is worthy of all praise
To Jesus Christ the King of glory
A simple song I raise

Lift me up
Lift me up, O God
Lift me up 
Fill my soul
Send me out
Make me bold
Lift me up
Lift me up, O God

Beyond the walls familiar
I step out to where you lead
Into a world that’s broken
A world of selfishness and greed
The Savior of us all
Seeks the poor and struggling
And sends us out to offer
What our Lord alone can bring

Lift me up
Lift me up, O God
Lift me up 
Fill my soul
Send me out
Make me bold
Lift me up
Lift me up, O God

And when this day has ended
And I find a place to rest
May I find my soul’s revival
As my head lays upon your chest
The work we leave behind
Is a monument to grace
And tomorrow is another day
To fight the fight and run the race

Lift me up
Lift me up, O God
Lift me up 
Fill my soul
Send me out
Make me bold
Lift me up
Lift me up, O God


To play the fool
Is the life we find
When Christ we follow
His will we mind
To untrained eyes
Nonsense it seems
But for faithful ones
It’s a God given dream
Our Lord, Jesus Christ
Commands us don’t cower
but step out on the waves
Confront worldly power
Absurd though it be
We deny not God’s call
For a fool to the world
Is the hope of us all

God’s Plan

I know the plans I have for you
Plans for a hope and a future
For many, not just you
I know the plans I have
It will lead to your imprisonment
It means you will be rejected
It brings about tense times among friends
It will lead to a humiliating death
I know the plans I have
Jesus said to Peter
Plans to make you a rock
Upon which I will build a Church 
That will storm the gates of Hell

I know the plan I have for you
I heard God say
And I prayed for courage
And the faith to take it on

Though We May Perish

Though we may perish
Yet we will sing
Though we may fail
Our praises will ring
Though we face peril
And heartache and sword
We’ll trust in the God
Who brings life with a word
No fiery furnace
No zealous high priest
Can take from the faithful
God’s invincible peace
The path is not easy
The task largely looms
But the power within us
Has bested the tomb
Let us give ourselves then
To the One who can save
Let us lift up the One
Who conquered the grave
Let us bring to the world
God’s grace so amazing
Let us fear not the giants
Nor the furnaces blazing

Too Much at Times

The inferno of the Spirit
Seeks to consume 
Too much at times
How much of me is dross?
Must all be kindling?
Am I still me?
The holy work of heaven
Extracts and removes
Too much at times
Yet I find more there
Than what was found
Before the fire
I fail to see my own reality
I’m deceived by me
Too much at times
What was gain for me
Now counts as loss
After the burn
It is fear that hinders
And fights the fire
Too much most times
Life beyond the blaze
Is oddly life renewed
By grace alone


Arise and go in peace, my love
For I the Lord go with you
We’ll travel far so ready your heart
And set your eyes on me
I’ll show you solid footing
I’ll make a path through the brush
And at the end of it all
We’ll sit and feast on true bread
And we’ll drink more living water
So come, the day now begins
Arise, let’s go in peace

Through You Comes Hope

Among the shadows
Behind the mask
They wander lost and lone
Hands extended 
No help is there
For troubles yet made known

Captives within
So many cry
From deep within their soul
Who will break through
Who will it be
That lifts them from this hole

‘Tis Christ you say
Who frees and saves
‘Tis he who rescues all
But nay not quite
Not he alone
But those to whom he calls

Faithful servants
Sent out to live
Among the shadowy ways
Look past the mask
And see the need
Love boldly ev’ry day

For Christ in you
Will change a life
Through you their hope will come
You have in you
God’s love made real 
The power to overcome