Where will you fly?
How high will you soar?
What new perches will you find?
We watch in awe
As you take flight
And the tether now unwinds
Our joy is found
In the days you live
As your wings begin to spread
Be courageous now
And boldly fly
To the future now ahead

Shifting Wonder

Trading footied excitement 
For generous garb
The joy shifts 
deeper within
Once wide-eyed toddlers
Now large-hearted 
and grown
Elicit a smile again
The season has shifted
But the anchor of joy
Holds us fast
To wonder each year
We’re all a bit older
And life marches on
But the joy
Of the season’s still here

My Child Now Grown

Do you you see what I see, my child now grown?
Do you know what it is you have done?
Do you realize just yet how proud I am now
of the person you’ve worked to become?
Do you see in my eyes the tears of great joy
that form every time we embrace?
Are you even aware that my soul is filled up
when again I look on your face?
Did you see me these years take note of your work
and the adventurous paths that you trod?
Did you know that I watched as you conquered your fears?
Did you hear me give thanks to our God?
Do you see as I see your heart brave and true
that grew stout and strong through the years?
Do you know as I do how your life will bear fruit
if that heart you are willing to bare?

My child, now grown, I love you so much
and my life is better with you.
I’ll always be watching with great love and pride
as whatever it is you may do.

Faith Given and Received

Deep within my soul
far too young to understand
faith was gifted to me
Christianity my brand

Along the way God nurtured
through loving gracious hands
the truth that life in Jesus
is wonderfully grand

So now it is my choice
with Christ to make my stand
to live a life on solid ground
and avoid the sinking sand

Footprints on the Floor

You toddled off
to find your way
Small footprints in the carpet
became boxes
packed to leave 
I now carry those
as I carried you
and a kiss on the cheek
is thankfully
still my reward
The hopes of our yesterdays
are becoming a reality
in your tomorrows
My outward pride
real as it is
is mixed 
with the sadness
of no longer seeing
your footprints on the floor.