Right Road

I’m on the right road
And I’m never looking back
Though I wander
And I find myself off track
Still I know this path I see
Will make me all I hope to be
I’m on the right road
Fully forward fully free

It’s the way of many pilgrims
Seeking peace and purpose true
It’s no easy road to walk
And it’s chosen by so few
Yet the moments in each day
Bring a joy words can’t convey
I’m on the right road
And it’s here I plan to stay

Tainted Wisdom

Tainted wisdom
Keeps me walking
Down a road
Already run
Clouded judgment
Moves me forward
Toward a life
That’s sure undone 
Walk beside me
Gracious Spirit 
Guide me on
In peace and truth
Clear the fog
Fix my thinking
Let my mind
Be full renewed


There is a clamor for perfection
Noisy gongs seem to abound
What good is being done
By this angry screeching sound
Enough already
Enough contentiousness and fear
Enough with all the push back
Enough with all the tears
Seek goodness in the doing
Find a better hopeful way
Stop tilting at the windmills
And adding to the fray
Before you nod agreeing
Don’t be fooled by what I’ve said
This is not a public treatise
But the voice within my head
Each must listen to the Spirit
Wisdom given for the day
Each one living into goodness
Is the only hopeful way

The Better Beyond

What lies beyond our thinking?
What world do we ignore?
What if we went beyond ourselves
To a place outside our door?
Beyond the walls we build up?
And the life deceptive lived?
What if we sought to be with
The neighbors we keep hid?
The life we make isn’t evil
But we foolish say it’s good
And what we fight and claw for
Is not what Jesus would
It’s a facade of richest blessing
The world’s unlasting gain
It’s not that we’re unholy
But we seek to curb the pain
The pain of loving neighbors
The pain of sacrifice
The pain of giving up what’s good
So that others might find life
The enemy is winning
Saying “Just don’t make God mad”
We’re persuaded to shun holiness
Replaced with goals of not-too-bad
Rise up O Church with courage
Go beyond the world’s success
The holy life is calling
A life beyond the very best


A glance
A nod
A shrug 
And I’m off
Off to my own world
Off to my own hope
Off to conquer new worlds
That don’t need conquering
How often 
Will I take that first wrong step
And follow it with another
How often
Will I tip my hat
To the One who sets the course
Of every planet
And the tide of every ocean
Will I even listen
To the cry of my own soul
Pleading for me to stop
And turn

This freedom can be too much
Too much to handle
Too much to control
Too much trouble
For the need of my soul

Just choose
That’s the answer
Choose life not death
Choose joy not frustration
Choose peace over anxiety
Choose Christ
Choose the Spirit
Choose power not my own
To turn
And come back
To the life more abundant
The life that is life
The life I was created to live

A glance
A nod
A hopeful reach
Is all it takes
To be delivered from the darkness
Into His marvelous light

In Need of Grace

It’s not the soul that’s in need
For the spirit’s been redeemed
But the flesh wrestles sin
And the mind that is within
Not the soul now to save
That was done as life you gave
But the flesh remains weak
As your holiness we seek

Salvation’s not the question
Sanctification is the fight
Eternity’s a given
Yet we strive to live it right
Lord come near us in this moment
Give us strength to vanquish foes
For our thinking is encumbered
As you only true can know

Can I Live?

Can I live this life 
you give anew?
Can I find my way 
to trust in you?
I know full well 
your love for me
And struggle yet 
to faithful be
Will you this day 
put your strength within
And let me now 
new life begin?
I long to be 
“all in” for you
So make me strong 
and make me true

We Come

We come
For you invited
We rejoice
For you are good
We pray
For you are gracious
We long
For holy food

You alone
Deserve our worship
You alone
Can save our soul
You alone
Are Lord Almighty
You alone
Our heart’s true goal

Meet us
In this holy morning
Find us
Deep in our despair
Lift us up
To know your glory
Send us out
Good news to bear


One life to live
One heart to give
One God to glorify
One prayer to pray
One tune to play
One Lord to satisfy
One day to strive
One road to drive
One Savior leading on
One goal to reach
One truth to teach
One Spirit pushes on

Knowing and Loving

Knowledge and vital piety
The Wesley brother said
Is the measure of our keeping
Two separate pieces meant to wed
For knowing God is paramount
But obeying shows our love
So holiness and learning
Together carry us above
Above the fear of evil days
Above the angst of shame
Above the darkest hours
Above that we cannot name
Search the Holy Sciptures
And devour all God speaks
But also live like Jesus
Offer grace and turn your cheek
In these two great endeavors
We’ll find life to its full
We’ll see the face of glory
And be free of sin’s harsh pull