Winds and Wind

I have wandered far away at times
Chasing the random winds
But you came along and called me back
From my shame and guilt and sin
I’m simply thankful and humbled
That you’ve never resigned my fate
It’s beyond my comprehension
To know I stand at heaven’s gate
No more to follow a seasonal breeze
A rushing wind now fills my soul
I’m thankful, Jesus, for the life you give
And your Spirit’s breath that makes me whole

Scent of Peace

I watched her hand
Reach out to touch
The heart
Of another soul
And the faint
Scent of peace
Filled my thoughts
With hope untold

Like a home
Where baking’s aroma
Wafts throughout the rooms
I found myself transported
And relieved
Of painful wounds

Oh to smell 
Such hopefulness
And imagine life
I pray
The scent of peace
Will fill
Our world
And very soon


Be still
Wait and pray
For power
And peace
Is yours this day
Come Holy Spirit
And set fire
To the hearts
Of God’s people
A kindling pyre
Change the world
Bring the news
Of hope born anew
Let the church
Set aflame
Your glory show true
This day
BEST of all days
For we who await
This day
Lives are changed
New hearts you create
Holy Spirit
Come near
Fill us once again
Holy Spirit
We seek you
From young girls to old men
Let no one
Be kept
From your holy blaze
Let this Pentecost
Be the greatest
Of days

Too Much at Times

The inferno of the Spirit
Seeks to consume 
Too much at times
How much of me is dross?
Must all be kindling?
Am I still me?
The holy work of heaven
Extracts and removes
Too much at times
Yet I find more there
Than what was found
Before the fire
I fail to see my own reality
I’m deceived by me
Too much at times
What was gain for me
Now counts as loss
After the burn
It is fear that hinders
And fights the fire
Too much most times
Life beyond the blaze
Is oddly life renewed
By grace alone

Peaceful Journeys

I found
among the fallen leaves
the stillness
of God’s presence
It followed me
as it lead the way
to a respite for my soul
I give thanks, O God
for who you are
and the love
you freely give
May I never take for granted
this blessing of quiet rest
For even a flash
of peace so deep
will carry me on my way
as the trail winds on
and my journey
goes to places
yet unknown

The Battle Within

O Lord how right you are
the battle within is much greater
than any conflict I have with others.
There is no way to walk away from me
nor, it seems, can I negotiate a truce.
Spiritual warfare is what it’s been called
and a fitting label it is.
I swing fiercely at this enemy
who seems undaunted by my attacks.
Lord, can I say again you seem to be right?
I need help to overcome this foe.
I need strength not my own.
Frankly, I’m worn out from trying,
and I’m certain you know I tried my best.
But, you explained it long ago
that this is not a battle for a sinner such as me.
This fight requires the power of righteousness,
and perfect holiness,
and light that can push back the darkness.
This war requires You, O God.
The victory over this struggle comes 
by the power of your Spirit within me,
a power never imposed against my will
but always waiting to be invited.
Help me today to call on you, Most Holy God.
Help me to call to you when the conflict arises
and not just when I feel I can’t do any more.
I look forward to the moments of praise
where you are given all the glory
for the good you will do in me and for me today.

Fight the Fight

Lift your hands to the heavens
in defiance of the dark
Let music flow from deep within
to guard your fragile heart
Lend your ear to sounds of glory
and drown out temptations call
Loose the Spirit of the Holy One
see your every foe now fall

To what you give your life
is from what your spirit drinks
The enemy takes its power
from the thoughts we tend to think
So be aware of what you do
and let not your thinking wander
The enemy has mercy none
He would gladly your life squander
But God above who loves you true
will hold fast in every battle
So run to God and stay close by
and you never will be rattled

You Make Me

Like a wave 
on the shoreline
You change me
I am the same
And yet ever-changing
You’d shape me
Even if I could
Hold back your tide
Yet gentle
You make me
You, O Lord
Make me

Unseen Forces

I watched the unseen force
That moved the rain about
Clouds moved with purpose
Along an atmospheric river
The waters held back overhead
Only to be released just miles away

I felt that very same unseen force
Deep within my soul
The flow of a spiritual river
Carries both sunlight and clouds
This unseen force shapes my being
The way it shapes the world

God makes the rain to fall
Where God chooses
It is not the rain that matters
But the unseen force 
that moves the clouds