Storm the Gates

Say goodbye to yesterday
For friends tomorrow comes
Leave the past
And future cast
For new battles must be won

Keep the lessons hard fought learned
And gird your loins to fight
Seize the day
And find a way
To turn darkness into light

No burden you need carry
For the Lord will take the weight
Deeply love
And look above
As you storm hell’s fiery gates

That Simple Stable

Did the hay smell sweet
Beneath your head
Did the lambs
Come near to see
Did you know deep down
That you had come
All people
To set free
There in a humble stable
You came
Just as we had
To set our hearts
In a place of peace
In a world
Gone bat shit mad

And it’s me
As well
That insane lives
And does what I want do
Then I wander lost
In my doubts and fear
Living in
Such need of you
Draw me near again
Lord Jesus
A humble infant born
Who knows the life
I tend to live
And much forlorn
Let me full embrace
The greatest love
That filled that night
With awe
As there 
In a simple stable
Heaven’s king
Slept in the straw


Hope is lost
On those who balk
At the sound of angel’s wings
Love eludes
The self absorbed
Who cannot hear them sing
Peace comes not
To those who look
But never see the heaven’s throng
Joy escapes
The hardened heart
That will not join their song

Angels move among us
Bringing good news for us all
Messengers of grace they are
For those who hear their call
So join the mighty chorus
Lift your voice in joyous praise
The heavenly hosts are singing still
In Christ the Lord come better days

Take Heart

There will be days
when your camp’s surrounded
The enemy’s 
at every turn
There will be times
when your heart is pounding
as the fires of hate
around you burn
But have no fear
for there are angels 
The force of love
will overcome
Take heart my friend
and trust God’s goodness
You’ll stand up strong
when the fight is done
No more to fear
the slings and arrows
No more to hide
from evil’s face
For you have strength
beyond your seeing
The victory
is yours in grace

My Ask

It’s not your grace
That I don’t trust
It’s me that makes me pause
It’s not your presence
That I doubt
But my heart and all its flaws
Could it be
That I might be
A different man today
Than the man I saw 
Just last night
One worried and afraid
I guess I could
If I believe
The words I often speak
That you are strong
And able yet
When I am frail and weak
My ask O God
Is to be filled
With hope that sets me free
To be the man
You know I am
The man I long to be


I saw you
A mirage
In my soulless desert
Like tree’s shade
Your voice
Brought relief
And the grass
Around you
Grew green
Around me
Waters flowed
And I live


There is hope beyond the shadow
The sun shines bright
Behind the clouds
There is love and joy and peace
That yet prevails
Fear not the evil doers
Nor the thief that comes at night
For the Lord of Light
The shadow full assails

There is a Place

There is a place
You’re meant to be
Where peace is the air
And goodness the food
There is a place
You’re meant to reside
Where love is the light
And joy is your strength
There is a place
You’re meant to inhabit
Where kindness is the first responder
And generosity the rule of law
There is a place
Prepared for you
From the beginning of time
Deep in the heart of God
Feel free
To move in
Any time

The Answer

If within you lies a struggle
And a healing is your need
Come to Jesus
For in him you can believe

If you seek a life of meaning
In a world adrift at sea
Come to Jesus
And a calling you’ll receive

He is Lord of all you survey
And of all you cannot see
He’s the answer
And the hope that will not leave

So come and gather ’round his table
Come to worship with the free
Come to Jesus
And your burden he’ll relieve


They wish me ill
Seek my demise
And fight against me
They throw their spears
Spew their words
And plot my death
Yet you love them
And you hope 
For their repentance
Ever holding out the hope
They’ll find your rest

You deliver me
And thwart their evil doings
You rescue me
And you let them feel your wrath
But is it me who you save
Or them you see enslaved
For my enemies
Your love remains steadfast

I understand
And I know your way is right
My greater wish
Is an end to painful fights
Since for others I may be
The hated enemy
May I know that love
And never leave your sight