That Simple Stable

Did the hay smell sweet
Beneath your head
Did the lambs
Come near to see
Did you know deep down
That you had come
All people
To set free
There in a humble stable
You came
Just as we had
To set our hearts
In a place of peace
In a world
Gone bat shit mad

And it’s me
As well
That insane lives
And does what I want do
Then I wander lost
In my doubts and fear
Living in
Such need of you
Draw me near again
Lord Jesus
A humble infant born
Who knows the life
I tend to live
And much forlorn
Let me full embrace
The greatest love
That filled that night
With awe
As there 
In a simple stable
Heaven’s king
Slept in the straw

Any Road

If any road can get there
I’ll take this one
If I can choose my own future
I’ll lay claim to His
I’m no self-made man
That was disaster
Self made mess
Is the best I ever did
So when I found this way
I grabbed full hold
To follow one with power
And passion
Yet empathetic and loving
I’ll choose that road
Every time
I’ve just come to realize
I don’t need self-help
I need soul help
I don’t need coaching
I need forgiveness
I don’t need grand schemes
I need grace 
Choose your road
But if it’s not His road
The scenery won’t compare
If it’s not His Way
The company won’t either
Following Jesus
That’s the path I choose
Buen Camino

We  Are Risen

He is risen from the grave
And from death we’ve been set free
We are people who rejoice
For heaven’s beauty we now see
All in Jesus come to sing
Raise your hearts in joyful praise
For he’s risen from the dead
And we too in him are raised
New life courses through our veins
And deep peace is our grand prize
For we see the truth of love
No more hidden from our eyes
Let us gather in our places
Let worship fill our heart and soul
For death has been defeated
Our life in Christ has been made whole


A glance
A nod
A shrug 
And I’m off
Off to my own world
Off to my own hope
Off to conquer new worlds
That don’t need conquering
How often 
Will I take that first wrong step
And follow it with another
How often
Will I tip my hat
To the One who sets the course
Of every planet
And the tide of every ocean
Will I even listen
To the cry of my own soul
Pleading for me to stop
And turn

This freedom can be too much
Too much to handle
Too much to control
Too much trouble
For the need of my soul

Just choose
That’s the answer
Choose life not death
Choose joy not frustration
Choose peace over anxiety
Choose Christ
Choose the Spirit
Choose power not my own
To turn
And come back
To the life more abundant
The life that is life
The life I was created to live

A glance
A nod
A hopeful reach
Is all it takes
To be delivered from the darkness
Into His marvelous light

Past and Future

We all have 
some guilt to run from
We all have 
a shameful past
We also have
a Savior
who longs 
to hold us fast
Grace is not
just for the table
Hope is not
for home decor
There is freedom
and renewal
a pardoned life
in Christ the Lord
So forget
what lies behind you
and strive 
for what’s to come
Let the life of Christ
redeem you
as to His future
you now run


Let my day
Be the present
Someone needed
For a time
Let my hands
Serve your purpose
Life’s constrictions
To unbind
Let my words
Full of hope
Be a gift
Of joy embraced
Let my heart
Offer love
Infused with grace
Let me be
What you need
For the hurting
Move within
Shape my life
Fill me up
And pour me out

Sing My Soul

Sing my soul for love is dawning
In the darkness comes the light
Sing with gladness, dance rejoicing
Wrong was turned to make us right
Life abundant given to us
Peace unbounded lifts us high
Christ has conquered every evil
To all sinfulness we’ve died
Jesus lead us, take us onward
Never back but full ahead
The greater future now awaits us
The promise just as you have said
May we sing the songs of glory
And let others hear the praise
That the dawn may fill their darkness
Your new life in them be raised

Lead Me

Lead me not along the dead-end path
Nor down the lonesome road
But guide me O Jehovah
Where your living waters flow
Lead me on to serve your purpose
Show me where to stop and start
May my life give honest witness
To your ever-loving heart
Lead me not to fame or fortune
Not succumbed to pride or greed
But where others long to know you
Call my name and onward lead

Friday’s Good

Oh the burden of my sin
You must have held there on the cross
I am crushed to see you suffer
Friday’s good to me is lost

Why this ending?
Why this plan?
Why for me
A sinful man?
Lifted high
And nailed secure
You offered me
New life and more

But still I hate the way
That my sin brought so much pain
May I never take for granted
The death that life for me has gained

The Table

The table once reminder
Now remembrance
Broken bread offers life
And makes us whole
This my body
This my blood
This your vict’ry
Take and eat
Take and drink
Be made whole