I was there
In the distance
As they mocked you
I was there
By your side
Just days before
Now denial
Is my telling
And fear drives me
The rooster
In the distance
Shakes my core
Will it be
As you predicted
At the table
Will I turn
And again
Be fully yours
My only hope
Is the grace
You always show me
May you soon
My heart and soul
Again restore

Lead On

Who could see with human eyes
The path that here before us lies
The stones you move
Our doubts reprove
Great hopes within our hearts arise

Lead on our stalwart Savior
Hold fast your loving favor
By faith we go
Your grace bestow
May we from this path not waiver


Can he heal me of my burden
Take from me the weight of sin?
Can he save me from the depths
And give me life anew again?

I can he whispered softly
As he drew me to his side
I can offer grace unbounded
And new life to those who died
It matters not where you have wandered
Only that you have returned
I’ll give you wisdom from the Father
Old ways together we’ll unlearn
Walk beside me quite intently
Give me all your heart and soul
You’ll find the Way not easy
Yet the journey makes you whole

So I left my guilt and shame
On the roadside where I stood
And I started on the journey
To become all that I could


One life to live
One heart to give
One God to glorify
One prayer to pray
One tune to play
One Lord to satisfy
One day to strive
One road to drive
One Savior leading on
One goal to reach
One truth to teach
One Spirit pushes on

Rough Terrain

I followed
For I thought your path
Would be a better way
I envisioned
How the road would wind
As the fields beside them swayed
I shuddered
When I saw the face
Of the mountain we would climb
I agonized
Within my heart
For tragic endings I might find
You reassured
My panicked soul
Encouraged me to come
You nodded
Toward the mountaintop
To show what could be won
We traveled
Over rocky ground
Crossed over deep ravines
We arrived
To find the grandest view
My heart had ever seen
I realized
In that moment
Though your path was rugged hard
I smiled
For I found myself
Enjoying your reward

Don’t Block the Light

When we stand in the path of the light
And let others in darkness shrink back
We do no favors to them or to us
And the greater hope we now lack
When we kneel at the feet of the other
Serve them and soothe their distress
In the light we are bathed and covered
A good future we’ll surely possess
Let the goodness of God flow freely
Think first of their need, not your own
Make room for His grace to shine on them
So the light of the Son can be known

The Tag-Along

I went about my business
As if he wasn’t there
Yet all the day
 He tagged along
Quiet but never far
When I moved 
From room to room
He never stayed behind
Always at my shoulder
Whether I sat or stirred
Finally I gave in
And asked him 
Why are you here?
And he simply said
I like to be near to you
You fascinate me
And I’m always hoping
For a deeper friendship
Then he smiled
And patted my shoulder
With his nail-scarred hand


Covered over in my sin
Covered up by peace within
Lord you are my place secure
My heart and soul you do restore
Hear my heart and heed my cry
Let me never wander wide
Lord with you I long to stay
Lead me on your hopeful way


Humanity is dying
From an epidemic
Of viral fear
What hope is found?
What future looms?
When fear is at a fever pitch?

I listen to the words
Of my teacher
The one whom I seek to follow
Time and again he says
“Do not be afraid”
At times followed by
“I am with you always”

Those who walk that path
Do you not hear his words?
Why so fearful O my soul?
Why indeed
If God is for us
Who can stand against us?
If God is for us
What could take us down?
It seems our greatest enemy
Is us


So let me get this right
It’s not the good I do?
It’s not my duty nor my aim
To make my rough edge true?
The call is to abide, you say
To follow where you lead
To be with you throughout my day
And your teaching then to heed?
But doesn’t that end up
With me just being good?
And did you not just tell me
That’s not the would I should?
So let me try to get this
Let me try to understand
It’s not that I won’t get there
It’s the notion of demands?
You’re not a God of scorecards?
Not a God who says we must?
Your measure is by grace
And your real concern is trust?
So say that I believe you
All I do is walk with Christ
And in his presence I’ll become
The man I hoped I might?
It seems easy yet so counter
To the way the world expects
And yet this goal of grace and love
Is the one I most respect
So I’ll give myself to the journey
I’ll live this day with you
And if you are the God I know
You’ll show me this is true