Halfway Place

I live halfway
Between anguish and joy
Both by choices I make
And truth I avoid 
Pains of the past
And hope for tomorrow
Evoke peace uncompared
And deeply felt sorrow
Others around me
Are near and yet not
I’m held in suspension
In limbo I’m caught
But I trust in my God
My hope founded in grace
One day I’ll be free
From this odd halfway place

Gold From My Undoings

You spin gold from my undoings
Creating beauty from my faults
You make something from my nothing
From my sin your love is taught
There is no force upon the face
Of the earth that can compare
To your ever-present Spirit
To the grace you freely share
So I bow before you Jesus
As there’s no one else I see
Who can bring forth unseen wonder
From the mess I’ve made of me
Lift my life beyond the hopelessness
Take my heart and make it new
You’re the future I can’t fathom
And the love I dare pursue


I rise 
above the heavens
and step 
upon the stars
I see 
as if I’ve never seen before
the wide expanse
stretched out around me
the beauty 
fills my very soul
And I discover
I am free 
forever more
from my heartache
by my sin
I am given
to a universal peace
ever certain
of God’s love
that lives within me
ever hopeful
to become
what I might be
I live
as one now given
sweet release


Morning has broken
And rouses me wake
There are joys to be had
And new paths to take
My soul stirs within me
As the darkness fades
New mercies are given
New wisdom awaits
Take courage my heart
As this new day unfolds
The Lord of all life
Offers blessings untold 

Sing My Soul

Sing my soul for love is dawning
In the darkness comes the light
Sing with gladness, dance rejoicing
Wrong was turned to make us right
Life abundant given to us
Peace unbounded lifts us high
Christ has conquered every evil
To all sinfulness we’ve died
Jesus lead us, take us onward
Never back but full ahead
The greater future now awaits us
The promise just as you have said
May we sing the songs of glory
And let others hear the praise
That the dawn may fill their darkness
Your new life in them be raised


I see in you the yestermorrow 
The future and the past
I watch your first unsteady steps
And the dreams in hope you cast
I remember your brief history
And see years ahead unknown
As you venture out of childhood
Making great strides now your own
The days of your sweet growing
And the years still yet to come
Meld into precious moments
And my heart is full undone
My children how I treasure
Every single day you live
My love spans all that was
And beyond this time that is
I’m anxious to discover
What the past will soon become
As days of yestermorrow
Are unfinished and yet done


Come home, my daughter
Return, my son
Come to the banquet feast
Slip off the chains
That bind you fast
Imprisonment has ceased
The food awaits
The drink is poured
Our joy is made complete
For once long lost
Now home you’ve come
To fill the empty seat
Be sated now
And thirst no more
For grace is deep and wide
So rest assured
You’re safe from harm
With angels by your side

A Man I Knew

He walked the walk
This man I knew
He followed holy ways
He ran the race
And kept the faith
And finished out his days
The life he lived
Was true to form
For those who follow Christ
His heart remains
For those he loved
A brilliant faithful light

Daring Day

It is standing on the mountain top
Bowed low in humble shame
To sing aloud as grace abounds
To call upon the Name
I dare not go to worship
I dare not stay away
For unworthy as I know I am
God gives to me this day
For my tattered soul’s renewal
Begins with sin confessed
And moves into a life reborn
Of all days this the best
So join me in the chorus
Praising Father, Spirit, Son
For in worship we find freedom
At the cross for us hard won


In simple amazement I watched
They scurried about
And scooted around
No plan
No goal
No limits
A microcosmic ecosystem 
Each part separate
Yet inexplicably interactive
I was captivated
Reality tethered me
Obligations stole me back
As the children played on