Any Road

If any road can get there
I’ll take this one
If I can choose my own future
I’ll lay claim to His
I’m no self-made man
That was disaster
Self made mess
Is the best I ever did
So when I found this way
I grabbed full hold
To follow one with power
And passion
Yet empathetic and loving
I’ll choose that road
Every time
I’ve just come to realize
I don’t need self-help
I need soul help
I don’t need coaching
I need forgiveness
I don’t need grand schemes
I need grace 
Choose your road
But if it’s not His road
The scenery won’t compare
If it’s not His Way
The company won’t either
Following Jesus
That’s the path I choose
Buen Camino


I saw you
A mirage
In my soulless desert
Like tree’s shade
Your voice
Brought relief
And the grass
Around you
Grew green
Around me
Waters flowed
And I live

The Only Me

I’m the only me
That I can be
But I’m not sure
I do me well
There’s a preferable me
It always seems
But not one
That I can sell
I wish I did me better
But I can’t seem
To pull it off
I guess for now
I’ll try my best
And let my good
Be better enough


Taken captive
A dark hood
Roughly forced
Over my head
I’m transported
To a dark 
And isolated place

Is thrust upon me
And seclusion
Often sought
Yet their presence
Not chosen
Feels harsh
And cold

I am aware
It is the same place
The same destination
Of two journeys
It is the violence
Of the events
That craters my soul
Instead of lifting it

Or maybe
It’s how I choose
To focus on the path
And not the place
Humility’s power
It seems
Is in my choosing

The Cost

Are you willing to pay the price
he said
as I followed close behind
There’s life to be had
but a cost incurred
if more’s what you wish 
to find
It’s not a payment you make
or a debt taken on
it’s a willingness
to let some things go
You’re invited to come
but you won’t know
the joy
if lesser dreams
you cannot forgo
Then he smiled
a knowing smile
and said the cost
is well within reach
So follow my lead
to the depth of God’s heart
and you’ll find
the life that you seek

Screw the Talk

I don’t wanna cry no more
I wanna shout
I’m more pissed off
than I am much put out
fighting for what does not give
while sons and daughters cease to live
screw the talk
and your righteous disregard
babies runnin’ free and easy
without hope
daddies praying while they’re
clinging to their rope
but we live strong and ever free
they are them and never we
screw the talk
and the condescending scorn
fear is rising all around
and all about
people huddle closer in
push strangers out
disconnection is their answer
but worry keeps on like a cancer
screw the talk
and the words that sow discord

Gold From My Undoings

You spin gold from my undoings
Creating beauty from my faults
You make something from my nothing
From my sin your love is taught
There is no force upon the face
Of the earth that can compare
To your ever-present Spirit
To the grace you freely share
So I bow before you Jesus
As there’s no one else I see
Who can bring forth unseen wonder
From the mess I’ve made of me
Lift my life beyond the hopelessness
Take my heart and make it new
You’re the future I can’t fathom
And the love I dare pursue

This Wedding Day

Did I see this day
The day you came
And I held you
In my hands?
Did I see this day
When you would go
And leave me
For another man?
Did I consider
How my tears
Would flow
As to him
You gave your heart?
Did I know
My own
Could burst with joy
And yet
Be torn apart?
I praise my God
For what will be
This day when him
You wed
I’ll proudly watch
As you unite
And look with joy
At days ahead
But forgive me
If I harken
Back to days
Of bikes and shoes
For my little girl
You’ll always be
My heart
You’ll never lose


There is a clamor for perfection
Noisy gongs seem to abound
What good is being done
By this angry screeching sound
Enough already
Enough contentiousness and fear
Enough with all the push back
Enough with all the tears
Seek goodness in the doing
Find a better hopeful way
Stop tilting at the windmills
And adding to the fray
Before you nod agreeing
Don’t be fooled by what I’ve said
This is not a public treatise
But the voice within my head
Each must listen to the Spirit
Wisdom given for the day
Each one living into goodness
Is the only hopeful way

We  Are Risen

He is risen from the grave
And from death we’ve been set free
We are people who rejoice
For heaven’s beauty we now see
All in Jesus come to sing
Raise your hearts in joyful praise
For he’s risen from the dead
And we too in him are raised
New life courses through our veins
And deep peace is our grand prize
For we see the truth of love
No more hidden from our eyes
Let us gather in our places
Let worship fill our heart and soul
For death has been defeated
Our life in Christ has been made whole