Storm the Gates

Say goodbye to yesterday
For friends tomorrow comes
Leave the past
And future cast
For new battles must be won

Keep the lessons hard fought learned
And gird your loins to fight
Seize the day
And find a way
To turn darkness into light

No burden you need carry
For the Lord will take the weight
Deeply love
And look above
As you storm hell’s fiery gates

The Bluffs

A bonnie lass
She walked the cliffs
Above the churning sea
To a strapping lad
Aboard a ship
Her heart she’d given free
Throughout the night
His deep voice called
To her ever restless soul
She stopped to listen
So to feel again
Love’s warmth against the cold

The storm raged on
As demons clashed
She tried in peace to wait
But on that night
Two lives were lost
As her strength gave way to fate
She spent her days
Upon those bluffs
Her tears brought greener grass
Yet she would be
Held captive to their past

So when you stand
Upon those cliffs
And look upon the sea
Listen closely
For the voice of love
That longs for what might be

Friendship and Dead Cats

This is my friend
He buried our cat
That was the introduction
Or part of it
A relationship defined in death
Rooted in a response
To grief
How often it’s true
Deep love
Found in hard places
Good friendships
Forged in daily struggles
Timeless trust
And sorrow’s soothing
Create connections 
That span the years
More often our weakness
Finds their strength
Than our talents
Find like hearts
We need others
To be who we cannot
So that we can be for them
And others
Who we truly are

Who would you call
To bury your cat?


They wish me ill
Seek my demise
And fight against me
They throw their spears
Spew their words
And plot my death
Yet you love them
And you hope 
For their repentance
Ever holding out the hope
They’ll find your rest

You deliver me
And thwart their evil doings
You rescue me
And you let them feel your wrath
But is it me who you save
Or them you see enslaved
For my enemies
Your love remains steadfast

I understand
And I know your way is right
My greater wish
Is an end to painful fights
Since for others I may be
The hated enemy
May I know that love
And never leave your sight

Soul Food

The taste of sweet encouragement
Lingers in the soul
A friend who serves such hope
Is treasured gold
To set before a loved one
Such rich delightful fare
Is an act of love
And grace beyond compare
So prep the praises
Set the table
Make full and ready
Hope and peace
Tend to details
And the setting
Be a friend
And share love’s feast 


The touch of her hand
Nestled in mine
Wrestles my heart
From its moors
Soon set adrift
On her waters
I'm stranded
By beauty's allure
My heart unfurls
In an instant
As waves of emotion
I ride
I untie the anchor
Setting sail
On the quick rising tide


Be the bright spot
In the darkness
Be the love
They rarely see
Be the one
Who sees their struggle
Be a help
To those in need
Be for others
What you hope for
Be for friends
A place to lean
Be for strangers
A warm smile
Be for two
The way unseen
Be unchained
From selfish motives
Be set free
From guilt and shame
Be what’s needed
For your neighbor
Be forever 
Not the same

Across Town

In the house across town
They sleep uneasy
Love abounds
But food is hard to find
Every day is a struggle
Every dollar is hard won
One step forward
Two steps back and far behind
No complaint makes its way
To the timelines
Never fussing about things
They wish could be
In the homes where life
Is lived abundant
There’s no clue
Of a neighbor barely free

This Wedding Day

Did I see this day
The day you came
And I held you
In my hands?
Did I see this day
When you would go
And leave me
For another man?
Did I consider
How my tears
Would flow
As to him
You gave your heart?
Did I know
My own
Could burst with joy
And yet
Be torn apart?
I praise my God
For what will be
This day when him
You wed
I’ll proudly watch
As you unite
And look with joy
At days ahead
But forgive me
If I harken
Back to days
Of bikes and shoes
For my little girl
You’ll always be
My heart
You’ll never lose

Waiting for aWedding 

Bravely they step
Toward a future unknown
And hand in hand
I watch in wonder
And smiling pride
As the day
Unfolds the plan
Where will you go
And what will you see
As your life
Now takes this turn?
What future
Will God show you
What call
Will you discern?
May you never fear
Or lose your nerve
When the obstacles
You face
For God is there
And offers free
His much abundant grace