Me and Them

You spot me when I falter
You give me strength I never knew
You never leave me wanting
There is none to praise but You
To know that I am safe
As I make it through my day
Is Your loving gift to me, O God
Such grace I never could repay
I thank You for this deepest love
That flows from You to me
I pray that I might honor you
With joy and generosity
Lead me to the people
Who long to know life new
Take my heart and use it
To help them find that life in You

On the Other Side

Called and carried
By my choice
Yet not my power
You, O Lord
Invite me deeper
Your Kingdom glory
Fills my horizon
There before me
Is the joy
Mine to receive
On the other side
Of suffering
On the other side
Of serving
On the other side
Of love
Here I am
But believing


Conceived by holy intercourse
Our calling mates our soul
To the Spirit of the Living God
A future birth beyond control
Proper care and feeding
Is the order of our days
Nurtured in the heart’s safe womb
We give our life to keep it safe
Gestation is a length unknown
It is set by God’s design
The Father of creation knows
The day, the year, the time
Excitement builds each passing day
We wait to see this act of love
That comes to those who offer
Their deepest self to God above
And then one day it happens
The floodgates open wide
And the new life held within us
Now in our hands abides
Fragile though it is
It now must live by its own right
With careful, daily effort
We help it grow to highest height
Our imperfect, flawed humanity
United with a love divine
Gives birth to possibilities
To the hope of life by God’s design

Let Me Plant a Garden

Let me plant a garden
Beyond the backyard fence
And let the smallest seeds of hope
A new future now commence
I’ll tend the weeds and water
I’ll nurture best I can
Just give it time to germinate
By God’s good will, not man’s
As it grows and captures ground
As the wind blows seeds about
Fear not the crop so different
But let the fence be taken out
The garden will invade
The oft well-tended lawn
And life will come with shouts of joy
And the household be reborn 
This landscape unfamiliar
Birthed by soil rich and old
Will be the lasting legacy
Of hearts who’d be so bold

The Going

Pour my life upon the rocks
Where people struggle to be free
Send me out into the waters
Of a mad and dangerous sea
Give me courage, Lord, to walk
Where your Spirit bids me go
Sharing with a lost and hurting world
The grace and love I’ve come to know
No other goal is found today
In the recess of my mind
I simply know by grace I’m saved
And in you new life I find
The world would be much better
If others knew what I now know
So pour me out and send me off
With the seeds of hope you’d have me sow

Seed of Hope

Will you show me where to go?
Will you call me to your side?
Will you put your wisdom in me?
Will you vanquish foolish pride?

Within me sits a seed of hope
That I might join you in your fight
To find the lost and wandering
To the darkness bringing light

But Lord, I’m often baffled
By the way you’d have me go
Is it possible you’re calling me
To a place I’ve yet to know?

This struggle to be faithful
To your call to light the way
Is the reason for my questions
As I’d like to start today

What’s that you say? I’ve now begun?
I’ve started on the way?
By seeking wisdom, truth, and light
My faith has grown this day?

Well that, O God, is news to me
That brings peace to my weary soul
To know you like my progress
Is a joy I’ll seek to hold

And yet I feel your leading hand
As you call me now to go
The greater work is yet to come
As this seed of hope you grow