There was a time
when you were young
and you rode your bike
and made your fun
but now you dabble
in a grown-up world
decisions are made
new flags unfurled
Step out my children
and seek God’s best
live fully alive
to God’s grace attest
The world needs all
you would dare to be
we’ll cheer you on
your mom and me
What wisdom we have
is yours as needed
and without your asking
may still be repeated
Just know we love you
from the depth of our soul
our admiration is real
and our pride untold

Footprints on the Floor

You toddled off
to find your way
Small footprints in the carpet
became boxes
packed to leave 
I now carry those
as I carried you
and a kiss on the cheek
is thankfully
still my reward
The hopes of our yesterdays
are becoming a reality
in your tomorrows
My outward pride
real as it is
is mixed 
with the sadness
of no longer seeing
your footprints on the floor.