Hope is lost
On those who balk
At the sound of angel’s wings
Love eludes
The self absorbed
Who cannot hear them sing
Peace comes not
To those who look
But never see the heaven’s throng
Joy escapes
The hardened heart
That will not join their song

Angels move among us
Bringing good news for us all
Messengers of grace they are
For those who hear their call
So join the mighty chorus
Lift your voice in joyous praise
The heavenly hosts are singing still
In Christ the Lord come better days

Take Heart

There will be days
when your camp’s surrounded
The enemy’s 
at every turn
There will be times
when your heart is pounding
as the fires of hate
around you burn
But have no fear
for there are angels 
The force of love
will overcome
Take heart my friend
and trust God’s goodness
You’ll stand up strong
when the fight is done
No more to fear
the slings and arrows
No more to hide
from evil’s face
For you have strength
beyond your seeing
The victory
is yours in grace


The leafless trees
Call out my name
Inviting my return
I long to walk
The path through them
Such lessons there I learned
The whispers of the dirt
As I stepped along the way
Spoke words I’ve never known
Resounding still in me this day
El Camino Santiago
Is the journey
Not the place
It gave a gift
Of long-felt peace
That was holy restful grace
I’ll meet again
This lingering friend
Our acquaintance I’ll renew
Laces tied
And pack secure
I’ll walk as pilgrims do

No Matter

Do you know it doesn’t matter
That thing you did
That mistake you make
Over and over
The decisions that keep hurting
More than helping
It’s no matter
Not for God
Oh surely God cares
Especially when your thing
Impacts others
Who also matter
God longs to see you get it right
To live rightly
To love truly
But when you don’t
God still does
You can’t make God love you more
Or less
God’s love for you
Is unbounded
And powerful enough
To overcome all those regrets
Of those times
When you got it wrong
I thought you should know
You can’t stop grace
And that matters

Stand Up

He said, “Stand up”

After knocking him down

“Boy look me in the eye”

Afraid to make any sound

He knew better than to cry

“You best respect me

And be grateful too

For all I’ve ever done”

The hollow words echoed

In the ears of a beaten son

He watched as siblings

Found their way

With the help of a doting dad

And yet he knew

The times would come

He’d feel the wrath of things gone bad

He then grew into his own one day

And he caught his father’s fist

The anger swelled and broadened

But dad was too weak to resist

The boy now man

Struck a blow

To the man at whose table he sat

The father staggered

And shouted out

“I raised you better than that”

The boy now man

Stood his ground

And said, “You’re reaping what you sowed

You raised me up in fearfulness

But I’d like us to live in hope”

But the father pushed back

And hated this son

For what he showed him to be

He refused to listen

And find a way

For both to live strong and free

The family bonds were fraying

For lack of empathy’s ear

And on bended knee the son would dream

Of a life free of struggle and fear

Hope in the Rain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Though I quake in the storm’s embrace

I trust you are near

Though I struggle to see the way

I push back the fear

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your faithful ones

To ease trouble’s pain

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe in the change you made

In my wayward soul

I believe you are calling us

To bring others home

For you give us hope

That defies all the rain

You send forth your Spirit

And we find life again

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

I believe there is more

I believe nothing less

I believe the day is coming

When we’ll find peace and rest

But until that day has come

And until this life is done

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Lord I believe

Gold From My Undoings

You spin gold from my undoings
Creating beauty from my faults
You make something from my nothing
From my sin your love is taught
There is no force upon the face
Of the earth that can compare
To your ever-present Spirit
To the grace you freely share
So I bow before you Jesus
As there’s no one else I see
Who can bring forth unseen wonder
From the mess I’ve made of me
Lift my life beyond the hopelessness
Take my heart and make it new
You’re the future I can’t fathom
And the love I dare pursue

Enjoy the Day

Let the music take you further
Into the heart of God
Let the moment when we gather
Bring you peace
Let the day be set as holy
Given to the hope of Christ
Let it be the day in which
All worries cease
It is the day we are given
A day of holy rest
Let it be a day of simple
Profound joy
Let life renew and be rekindled 
As you rest in grace and truth
It’s the best day out of seven
So enjoy

Worry’s Darkness

it is the Light
dispels the shadows
Love made real
that casts out fear
Peace surpassing
quells the tremors
dries the tears
Lord have mercy
on anxious spirits
bind the wounds
and grace impart
never more
let worry’s darkness
our tender hearts


The frantic hustle
As the quiet
Bursts in
The busy
Is overwhelmed
By the stillness
There is peace
Pushing back
The chaos