Power Play

One takes too much
Another too little
The balance of life
Lies there in the middle
Take heed of your power
And attend to your call
Don’t shrink from the work
Nor make others crawl
The power you’re offered
Holds blessing and good
While it also hides danger
If not understood
Be cautious and careful
As you faithfully serve
For the work is much needed
But no praise you deserve
The enemy comes 
And whispers your name
But tend not to your ego
And seek not your fame
Simply honor the giver
Of the power you hold
Let God’s gracious love
Be the story full told

Devoured Days

The air is riddled
With contempt
Like locusts
Devouring the day
The swarms are feasting
On the sprouts
Of animosity
Born from hands
Scattering self-righteous seeds
Eating their fill
Of the fruit
Of bickering words
Harvested in due time
My hope
Is in the One
Who made the heavens
And the earth
And all that is therein
My hope
Is in the good news
That fear
And power
And even death
Will not rule the day
For all that
Is subject to
The One who redeems
Who brings the abundance
To replace the years
The locusts are eating


Settle my heart, O God
Settle my worried soul
Lead me to peace, open my eyes
To the glory found of old
The glory of the moment
When chaos bowed to you
When your spirit stilled the waters
And creation was brand new
Over the unseen darkness
You hovered and you sang
And out of the murky nothingness
This universe began 
What power in your word
Earth appearing at your call
A spoken word in chaos
And existence comes to all
Let that power wash over me
Sing over me a healing song
Bring peace into the turmoil
Set right what I’ve got wrong
Create in me a clean heart
Let my spirit be renewed
I long to know the glory
Of a chaos stilled by you

It’s Yours

It’s yours 
O Lord
It’s all yours
The ins and the outs
The ups and the downs

You hold the wind
And the sun does your bidding
No pull of a lever
No turn of a dial
No ballot cast
Can dethrone you

So this day I give thanks
And I hold on to hope
For you hover over the chaos
And create life at your will

All glory and honor is yours
O Lord
It’s all yours


Mighty is the Lord our God
The day is in His hands
He sets the the sun in its rightful place
And water flows at His command
The flowers bloom at heaven’s song
Majestic birds sing their reply
And at the smile of the Lord our God
Celestial beauty fills the sky
Be still my heart and wonder
At what you cannot understand
Know peace in every moment
For the day is in God’s hand

God and God Alone

Who is our God but God alone?
A strange yet poignant cry
For many are the challengers
who for the title vie.
Around the world the powerful
crush others without thought
They deem themselves superior
in grand delusions caught
Within ourselves we’re much the same
we live as self-divine
determining what’s good or bad
ignoring grand design
And yet the One who truly is
our God and God alone
calls out to us with gracious love
from heaven’s holy throne
I am, says God, with unmatched voice
the one who made it all
The peace you seek is in my hands
if but to me you call
You work so hard to keep control
you live in doubt and fear
Stop trying to usurp my place
and to my heart draw near
I’ll give you more than you can find
in life so vainly lived
in me there is a wholeness real
a gift I freely give
I am the One true God alone
no other will compare
no outside force or inner strength
my holy crown can wear

The Battle Within

O Lord how right you are
the battle within is much greater
than any conflict I have with others.
There is no way to walk away from me
nor, it seems, can I negotiate a truce.
Spiritual warfare is what it’s been called
and a fitting label it is.
I swing fiercely at this enemy
who seems undaunted by my attacks.
Lord, can I say again you seem to be right?
I need help to overcome this foe.
I need strength not my own.
Frankly, I’m worn out from trying,
and I’m certain you know I tried my best.
But, you explained it long ago
that this is not a battle for a sinner such as me.
This fight requires the power of righteousness,
and perfect holiness,
and light that can push back the darkness.
This war requires You, O God.
The victory over this struggle comes 
by the power of your Spirit within me,
a power never imposed against my will
but always waiting to be invited.
Help me today to call on you, Most Holy God.
Help me to call to you when the conflict arises
and not just when I feel I can’t do any more.
I look forward to the moments of praise
where you are given all the glory
for the good you will do in me and for me today.

Soul Power

The lid unhinged
As life pours outward
No way to keep
A soul’s true power
Shackles cast off 
The lock is shattered 
Seeking air to breathe
Is all that matters
Too long held fast
It’s wildness tamed
It attacks life’s edges 
And at large remains

Daily Battles

As the quiet night of slumber
Is disturbed
By the clashing sounds
Of weapons
Within the unseen realm

When the mindfulness of daily work
Is derailed
By the battle cry
From enemies without form

It is to you we call out
Lord God
Ruler over all 
Seen and unseen

Take out 
Our spiritual foes
Render helpless
The enemies we face
Hear our cry
And give us courage
To persevere the onslaught
Let us stand
Strong and faithful
Trusting the victory
You promise to give
And have already won