I Remember

I remember you
Of all the things I could say
That feels
Your passing
Doesn’t go unnoticed
Your life continues to have meaning
I remember 
Many moments
That together made you
So much of me
But it’s not the memories
That matter
Rather it’s you
That resides in me
I remember you
Your life
Your being
Your presence
I remember
Because you remain
And for that
I give thanks to God

(Dedicated to my dad on the occasion of his first birthday not with us)

Biding Time

All is but a moment
A happening
A page that turns
Be ready
Don’t fret or fear
It is as it has always been
Time meanders
And time scurries
But time
Always marches on
So how shall we end
How will we finish
This page
This chapter
This given moment

To prepare for the ending
Is to make ready
A new beginning
To look ahead
And ready ourselves
For the next twist of story
Don’t fret or fear
It is as it has always been
Our time once past
Is now the time coming
That too shall end
But not until it’s over

So be ready
For the time is here
The time is now
There is no time
Like the present
How will you live
This time
What will you do
This time
Who will you love
This time

Time slips and slides and speeds along
And though infrequent
Can stand very still
Don’t fret or fear
It is as it has always been
Time passes
Now is the time
The time is coming

What time is it

Saint Dad

Are you gathered with the many
Who have joined the kingdom true?
Are you face to face with Jesus?
Is he smiling back at you?
I imagine that he is
As you gather round the throne
I imagine that you’re happy
As now to you Christ is full known
On this Sabbath day I ponder
What your life with God’s become
And I celebrate your faith
In the gracious saving One
You’re the saint that’s on my mind
As we honor all who’ve gone before
And I pray the life you found
Is all you’d hoped and even more 

Moments of Memories

Memories of steps taken
are extracted 
from the recesses of my mind
Strung together
in haphazard fashion
I recall the journey taken
as I remember the rocks
beneath my feet
the shapes and colors
I remember the trees
bushy ones here
tall and thin ones there
I remember the lines
on the highway
and the gate I passed through
Long journeys
are made up of small moments
miles of walking
take the sum of many steps
I remember the journey
only as I remember
the moments
I recall the miles
only as I recall the steps