Our Reminder

This day is not the answer
To our struggle
But it is the day to meet
The One who is
To bring ourselves to church
Is no solution
But in that place we find
That we are His
It is easy to forget
And try and make our way
It is easy to believe
It’s up to us
This day is set apart
As our reminder
Looking in is not as good
As looking up
So gather 
With the other sinners
Sing boldly
With the saints
Let the voice of worry
Grow more dimly faint
God is real
And God is near 
There is nothing 
Now to fear
Heaven’s grace and love
Your life will sure sustain


Workdays hung
Like yesterday’s laundry
The world grows smaller
As home fills the heart
A regular stop
On the calendar’s journey 
This place so familiar
Is a world set apart
A day to recover
Time long overdue 
Jettisoned deadlines
Let my spirit renew


We gather
We praise
We sing
We give thanks
We worship
We rest
We Sabbath
The best of days

Simple Times

You ask me not
For a blaze of glory
No fanfare life
Am I called to lead
In simple times
I give you pleasure
As in my heart
Your love I heed
A busy day
Will find you fully
Pouring out
Your grace divine
A day of rest
Is also given
To be a moment
Of holy time

You Are Invited

Come my friends and rest a bit
For the journey takes a toll
Come let God wash the dust and dirt
Collected on your soul
Take your place at the table
Join the heavenly Gospel feast
Nourish your soul in worship
Find here a sweet release
The worries of the week gone by
And the concern for days to come
By grace transformed to peace and hope
Sin’s damage here undone
So hear God’s invitation, friend
On this the BEST of days
Come share the holy Sabbath
God’s gift of respite on the way
In times of prayer and singing
At the gathering of the tribes
You’ll find the rest you’re seeking
In Christ’s resurrected life