There is a clamor for perfection
Noisy gongs seem to abound
What good is being done
By this angry screeching sound
Enough already
Enough contentiousness and fear
Enough with all the push back
Enough with all the tears
Seek goodness in the doing
Find a better hopeful way
Stop tilting at the windmills
And adding to the fray
Before you nod agreeing
Don’t be fooled by what I’ve said
This is not a public treatise
But the voice within my head
Each must listen to the Spirit
Wisdom given for the day
Each one living into goodness
Is the only hopeful way

Knowing and Loving

Knowledge and vital piety
The Wesley brother said
Is the measure of our keeping
Two separate pieces meant to wed
For knowing God is paramount
But obeying shows our love
So holiness and learning
Together carry us above
Above the fear of evil days
Above the angst of shame
Above the darkest hours
Above that we cannot name
Search the Holy Sciptures
And devour all God speaks
But also live like Jesus
Offer grace and turn your cheek
In these two great endeavors
We’ll find life to its full
We’ll see the face of glory
And be free of sin’s harsh pull

Called to Follow

Called to follow
Not to lead
Seek the Kingdom
Not your need
Walk the path
Without a map
Take a step
Don’t look back
Trust God fully
Not your mind
We see dimly
Often blind
It may appear
But with Christ our Lord
We need not fear
Gird your loins
Travel light
Find the gift
Of abundant life

Fickle Faith

I tend to the garden
Of my own deep
Seated faith
Not always faith
In what should
Be held fast
But faith sometimes
In me
Or my desires
Or my ability
Deep rooted is
My fickle faith
Requiring a constant 
Tilling to fight
Against the weeds
At times of course
I see the flourish
Of beauty that grows
From the deep soil
For a time
I must let the weeds
And the wheat grow
Until I know for sure
What to let go of
And what to keep watering
My prayer
O God
Is for wisdom
In the daily task
Of tending to
My fertile heart

Pride Pursuits

I see her in the distance
And I determine to give chase
Her strong and graceful posture
Makes me long to see her face
Yet so often I’m distracted
By lesser beauty in my midst
Looking up I think I’ve lost her
But I turn the corner there she is
With great intention I pursuit her
Resolved to know her depths
Yet the glory of True Wisdom
From my weakened grasp is kept 
As dejected and brought low
I call to God as one alone
Wisdom puts her arm around me
Making deep abiding truth be known
Her beauty captivates me
Her peace and mercy unrestrained 
She is a gift for those who cry out 
Not a prize our pride can gain

I have but now

I have but now
To make the later
The moment
To cast the die
Wisdom I seek
And right flavored choices
As the present
Quickly slips by
For that moment runs off
Into the past
And a new one
Slides in its place
New choices come
New nows encountered
As memories
Are but a taste

Now and Soon

I pondered over 
the years I’ve had
the miles I’ve traversed
My jumbled memory
Shuffles through
From the latest to the first
I’ve gained much wisdom
Through out these years
I’m more adept and life-aware
Yet these days my strength
Betrays my mind
The journey harder now to bear

Could there have been
A day midway
Where mind and body met?
Where sharp and wise
Met strong and bold
Where life was at its best?
It matters not
I’ve come to see
For the life I live is now and soon
The present moment
And the next to come
Are the ones to importune

Sabbath Surrender

This is a day to surrender
To the heart of grace and love
To let go of my own wisdom
And seek the vision above
So many answers I have
But now is the time to ask
The questions that lie beneath
My fearful, all-knowing mask
To let go of my certainty
And the truth I hold dear
Is the greatest of gifts
And the deepest of fears
But on this day I remember
The sacrifice I’m called to make
For on this very BEST sabbath day
My soul by grace God awakes
So I come into times of worship
With wide open yet shaky hands
I bow before God and dare to ask
For mind that will more understand
Take away my numerous delusions
And far remove my many false hopes
Give me the courage to truly listen
To the wisdom the Spirit invokes

This Is Not a Test

We have wandered far and wide
Through the sinful and the good
Painstakingly we made our way
Our limits never fully understood
So often we’re misguided
Thinking we can make life great
When we end up in a struggle
And we’re lost with no escape
Maybe then we hear the voice
Of the One in whom we find
A life of unexpected joy
A life beyond the daily grind
This life was never meant to be
A test of strength within
God created us for so much more
Than what we often call a win
So use this day as a spiritual pause
A day to let God give you rest
And in a gathered time of worship
You’ll find this day may be your BEST

Moments Matter

Buried in our moments
Lies the seeds of future days
Decisions made in haste
Can lead us off in unknown ways
Seek wisdom from the One True God
Let His love and grace take hold
Then the passing moments of your day
Can lead to blessings yet untold