God Provides

We look to what we cannot see
and trust in Christ the Lord
who showed us how to walk this way
and trust God’s given word
Worry is not the answer
for it adds no day nor hour
Simply know your Father above
can dress you like the flowers
Manna in the desert
a feast from fish and bread
sight to the blind, a dance for the lame
and new life for those once dead
These are the proofs we find
in the stories now long-told
to remind us God is with us
God is always in control
So take on the day before you
know that Jesus leads the way
to guide you as you journey
and give you all you need today

Love First

Lost among the burdens
Covered over by the tasks
It is easy to forget the call
Which the Lord above has asked
Love with great abandon
Hold loosely to your wealth
Seek to live each day in Jesus
Gospel stories go and tell
Heart to heart we make a difference
Life to life we find God’s love
Embrace the hurting and the lonely
A word of grace is gift enough
Fear not the unknown journey
Trust the shepherd leading on
Let your peace be found in Jesus
Let the Spirit keep you strong
Attack the daily doings
Be determined in your work
Trust the Lord to bear the burden
But let love be always first

Go in Peace

Let not your worries
Rule over your day
For Jesus your friend
Has jumped in the fray
He’s fighting the demons
And deflecting the blows
He’s taking on troubles
And vanquishing woes
So trust me in this
Your heart’s safe in his hands
So join the faithful chorus
With a shout of amen

Dance Sing Laugh

With feet so deftly gliding
he swept onlookers off of theirs
He danced to unheard music
and people stopped to stare
What joy he knew within his soul
what peace he brought to life
by simple graceful movements
he drew them toward the light
When God puts within your heart,
he thought, this gift of optic charm
you must share it with the world
and let the coldest heart be warmed
So if you dance, or sing or laugh
be generous and share
for this gift you offer others
will help settle deep-felt fear
The world is far too full
of people fussing and upset
This world needs hopeful people
who can waltz away our fret

The Wisdom of Tomorrow

If yesterday could listen
To the good news of today
If the worries of the past
Could be persuaded to delay
Then peace might not be lost
And joy could make its way
If so, then our tomorrow
Should speak loudly to this day