Shadows And Light

The shadows of the giants
Cast long and block the light
But the presence of the trouble
Cannot turn the day to night
For the shadow tells the tale
That the light is ever there
No enemy can blot it out
Nor darkness come to bear
Light of the World shine brightly
Make bold my timid soul
Remind me of your presence
Beyond the shadow of my foes
Though they come with sword and javelin
And threaten to destroy
Let me trust that you will vanquish
Any weapons they employ
For your plans will not be thwarted
The day will never end in night
Beyond the shadow of the giants
Is your Everlasting Light

Worry’s Darkness

it is the Light
dispels the shadows
Love made real
that casts out fear
Peace surpassing
quells the tremors
dries the tears
Lord have mercy
on anxious spirits
bind the wounds
and grace impart
never more
let worry’s darkness
our tender hearts

Dream Life

I thought the worst that life could bring
Was limits on our doing
A physical disease
Would be of all our greatest ruing
But the killer to be feared
Is the one that takes our dreams
The one that keeps our mind and heart
From grasping the unseen
For imagination leads us
Beyond reality’s hard truth
And lets us see the future
Colored in the riches hues
In abundance of such beauty
We find the passion to go on
And even in a weaker state
Our dreams can keep us strong

Human Racing

I’ve learned to run
This human race
With goodness
And a smile
For when I run
In discontent
I stumble
All the while

I’ve learned to run
This human race
As one
Who seeks the Lord
For when I run
My own race
I pay a price
I can’t afford

I’ve learned to run
This human race
To lose
And not to win
For when I run
Ahead of all
I can’t be part
Of them


Humanity is dying
From an epidemic
Of viral fear
What hope is found?
What future looms?
When fear is at a fever pitch?

I listen to the words
Of my teacher
The one whom I seek to follow
Time and again he says
“Do not be afraid”
At times followed by
“I am with you always”

Those who walk that path
Do you not hear his words?
Why so fearful O my soul?
Why indeed
If God is for us
Who can stand against us?
If God is for us
What could take us down?
It seems our greatest enemy
Is us

Look Up and See

Look up and see
My sallow soul
The victory’s well in hand
Look up and see
My anxious heart
The angelic fighting bands
Look up and see
The darkness pierced
The light comes streaming in
Look up and see
The Lord does fight
And every time He wins
Look up and see
The waters part
When enemies you face
Look up and see
The promised land
A gift of love and grace


For a moment
The sunlight broke through the clouds
And it was enough
Enough to remind me 
The sun was still there
Enough to renew my hope
The clouds are not forever
Enough to help me see
The path is yet before me
Enough to let me praise
My God who orchestrates the sky

A glimpse of light 
Is enough to know 
The darkness will not win
The clouds 
Are but a vapor
The sunlight 
Though hidden
Is never gone
Such truth
Is grace enough


By worries
Held captive 
By fear
By doubts
By distress
Son of David
Come quickly
Vanquish the enemy
Charging the gates

Distant Sounds

You hear it
In the distance
But what will it mean?

There seems 
A coming storm
It’s just a storm
Those have come and gone
You survived
One has to wonder
Is this one like those
Or is it something more?
No way to know
Until it arrives
Only option is preparation
For what may be

You hear it
In the distance
But what will it mean?

The Present Moment

Never fully known
The future never comes to life
No moment has a breath
Until it finally does arrive
The present is the only time
We have within our grasp
Right now is when to love
As if this moment is our last
Plan for your tomorrow
And from your past be taught 
But live into this very day
And fear the future not