No Matter

The echo of the words
Rings loudly in my head
I know the truth
And trust in grace to save
And yet each seventh day I hear
The call again to come
To make the trek
And seek the holy nave
No matter where you’ve been
God says
No matter what you’ve done
Please come
And feel my presence
Let the angst now be undone
My child it’s the day
I made for you to rest
It’s much like every other
But really 
It’s the best
And so I’ll make my way
To the holy place of God
Not defined by any building or locale
I’ll gather with the sinners
Who long to become saints
And see a future promised without fail

The Answer

If within you lies a struggle
And a healing is your need
Come to Jesus
For in him you can believe

If you seek a life of meaning
In a world adrift at sea
Come to Jesus
And a calling you’ll receive

He is Lord of all you survey
And of all you cannot see
He’s the answer
And the hope that will not leave

So come and gather ’round his table
Come to worship with the free
Come to Jesus
And your burden he’ll relieve

Stepping Up

I’m stepping up into the glory
Of the God who stood for me
Raising hands in sweet surrender
For in Christ I’ve been set free
I’m bowing down in sad contrition
Knowing where I’ve often been
I’m taking note of all my failures
And confessing all my sin
Grace is many sided
Bring joy and yet such grief
But to live in love’s abundance
Brings my soul it’s true relief
So I’ll worship with the sinners
Seeking yet to be called saints
And I’ll step up into the glory
Of the God whose heart awaits


I will glorify you Lord
In all I do
I will praise you
In my heart that lives anew
I will sing and shout for joy
As my sin you have destroyed
I will glorify you Lord
The whole day through 

We  Are Risen

He is risen from the grave
And from death we’ve been set free
We are people who rejoice
For heaven’s beauty we now see
All in Jesus come to sing
Raise your hearts in joyful praise
For he’s risen from the dead
And we too in him are raised
New life courses through our veins
And deep peace is our grand prize
For we see the truth of love
No more hidden from our eyes
Let us gather in our places
Let worship fill our heart and soul
For death has been defeated
Our life in Christ has been made whole

Enjoy the Day

Let the music take you further
Into the heart of God
Let the moment when we gather
Bring you peace
Let the day be set as holy
Given to the hope of Christ
Let it be the day in which
All worries cease
It is the day we are given
A day of holy rest
Let it be a day of simple
Profound joy
Let life renew and be rekindled 
As you rest in grace and truth
It’s the best day out of seven
So enjoy

No More

Sink no more in sorrow
Hide no more afraid
Live no more so anxious
The price of hope is paid
Jesus Christ is risen
Evil can not win
Your heart is free to love again
Weighed down no more by sin
So join the mighty chorus
The singing praying throngs
Worship love’s true Savior
Sing out this best day’s song
Hide no more in shadows
Burst forth like morning’s sun
Jesus Christ is risen
And guilt and shame undone

Taste of Life

Seek us Father
In the darkness
Rescue us from 
Wayward thought
Let our worship
Lead us upward
Let our hearts
In love be wrought
Round your table
Lord we gather
Hungering for
A taste of life
Feed us with
Your love and goodness
Let our spirits
Be made right
Then we’ll go out
In the darkness
Taking light
To those in need
We’ll sing your praises
Speak your wisdom
And pray the lost
Your love will see

We Come

We come
For you invited
We rejoice
For you are good
We pray
For you are gracious
We long
For holy food

You alone
Deserve our worship
You alone
Can save our soul
You alone
Are Lord Almighty
You alone
Our heart’s true goal

Meet us
In this holy morning
Find us
Deep in our despair
Lift us up
To know your glory
Send us out
Good news to bear

Sovereign Lord

I will give you all my praise
And still have more
I will sing with all my heart
And be restored
I will lift your name on high
On your grace I will rely
I will worship you this day 
my Sovereign Lord