In the corner of my memory
Sits a long neglected truth
That needs to be uncovered
A haunting of my youth
I thought if I could leave it
And just put it to the side
I could move into the future
Out sight and out of mind
But looking to the future
I’m examining my soul
And there in dusty corners
Are realities untold
I never knew how weighty
My past experience could be
But now I’ve come to realize
It keeps my heart from being free
So Lord, I’m not repenting
For this isn’t sin I’ve kept
This is hurt and fear amassed
Over which I’ve never wept
My prayer is that you’d help me
Unpack this box of old
And face with honest courage
These realities untold
I trust the promise given
That from oppression I’m released
As I give you all my struggles
And in you find sweet relief

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