You carried precious cargo
But found no waiting throne
After many days of journey
A stable was your home
O Mary how we wonder
Did you fret and cry that night?
Or was the Prince of Peace within you
Enough to make it all feel right?
The presence of the One True God
So uniquely found in you
We wonder Mary, did you know
What his life for us would do?
Did it cross your mind that day
When in Bethlehem you searched
For a place to have this baby
That redemption you would birth?
As you lay exhausted in the straw
Gazing at his hands and feet
Did you marvel at the future
And the powers he’d unseat?
Uncertain what you thought that day
We simply focus on what’s true
The Savior of all humankind
Came to us only through you
So thank you for your courage
And those months so heavy laid
You carried there within you
The hope of all our days
We’re grateful for the struggle
To give birth in a well-used stall
To bring to life the King of kings
Jesus Christ the hope of all
The faithful call you blessed
Believers owe to you a debt
And of your deep abiding faith
May we never soon forget

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