A glance
A nod
A shrug 
And I’m off
Off to my own world
Off to my own hope
Off to conquer new worlds
That don’t need conquering
How often 
Will I take that first wrong step
And follow it with another
How often
Will I tip my hat
To the One who sets the course
Of every planet
And the tide of every ocean
Will I even listen
To the cry of my own soul
Pleading for me to stop
And turn

This freedom can be too much
Too much to handle
Too much to control
Too much trouble
For the need of my soul

Just choose
That’s the answer
Choose life not death
Choose joy not frustration
Choose peace over anxiety
Choose Christ
Choose the Spirit
Choose power not my own
To turn
And come back
To the life more abundant
The life that is life
The life I was created to live

A glance
A nod
A hopeful reach
Is all it takes
To be delivered from the darkness
Into His marvelous light

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